27 May 2013

Visualized: Borussia Dortmund 1-2 Bayern Munich

Maybe it's the early signs of football withdrawal, but thought I'd do my usual Liverpool match infographic for the Champions League Final.

All stats from either Stats Zone or UEFA Match Centre.

I won't insult your intelligence by trying to analyze this match like I do Liverpool's; I simply don't know the teams well enough to state what was and wasn't out of the ordinary.

However, a few things that stood out to me:

• Neither the pass accuracy nor possession was wholly out of line with the two league meetings, which both ended 1-1. In the December match in Munich, Bayern out-possessed Dortmund 60-40%, and attempted 519 passes, completing 418, for 81% accuracy. Dortmund attempted 347 and completed 255, for 73% accuracy. In the match in Dortmund three weeks ago, Bayern out-possessed Dortmund 53-47%, attempting 468 and completing 377 passes for 81% accuracy, while Dortmund attempted 400 and completed 302 for 76% accuracy. Incidentally, both Bayern and Dortmund scored first in their respective home fixtures, with the away side equalizing within 12 minutes.

• Dortmund clearly started the better side, and paid dearly for not taking their chances when in the ascendancy, mainly due to Manuel Neuer's outstanding performance. Dortmund took half of their shots before 22 minutes were off the clock, and before Bayern had attempted one. Four of those six were on target. And when Dortmund inevitably tired after a blistering, high-pressing opening half, Bayern put them to the sword. Such are the hazards of high-intensity football.

• Dortmund's drop-off was evident in the passing chalkboards from both sides. Compare the two halves:

Bayern attempted fewer passes, but the majority of their first half passes were in their own half, trying to calm the tempo after Dortmund's frenetic start and find a way through Dortmund's determined high-line defense. Conversely, Dortmund completed similar totals in both halves, but were much more restricted to their end of the pitch after the interval.

• That said, I expected more of Dortmund's tackles and interceptions to take place higher up the pitch. Only three of 20 interceptions and three of 20 successful tackles came in Bayern's half, compared to five of Bayern's 15 interceptions and four of Bayern's 16 successful tackles.

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umbro said...

very interesting visualization. Did not see something like this before - great job. I think the football game was amazing. The german soccer league seems to be the strongest in the world. Thank you for the details.