24 May 2013

Liverpool Chances Created 2012-13

A quick graph via a request from the comments section in this post, and compared to the total chances created in 2011-12 to further illustrate Liverpool's progress in attack.

Premier League only, as that's all I can find stats for. All totals via Who Scored.

A few notes:

• Liverpool created 66 more chances this season, and that's after having to replace the players who created the third-, fourth-, and fifth-, and seventh-most chances last season.

• Four teams created more chances than Liverpool in 2011-12: City, Tottenham, United, and Arsenal. No team created more than Liverpool this season; Tottenham was second with 510.

• Chances created per goal in 2011-12: 10.26. Chances created per goal in 2012-13: 7.72.

• Six of Liverpool's top-seven chances creators this season were English.

• Gerrard created 64 more chances this season than last season, the same amount Suarez created through all of last season. Suarez created 26 more, Johnson created 25 more, Downing created 10 more. Enrique created 10 fewer.

• Henderson created one more chance this season compared to last, despite vastly fewer minutes. He started 31 matches in 2011-12 and appeared in six as a substitute. He started 16 this season, and came on as a sub in 14.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at how minutes affected the chance creation numbers? (Not to put more on your plate you do great work). Is Gerrard actually more effective this season or is he just healthier (I believe it's the former but I haven't proved it)

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is what we're to happen when we finally get to the point where Sterling were a nailed on starter. 37 chances created in...what...a half season's worth of work? Tasty.

nate said...

No, I didn't check the minutes played for everyone, but can check them for Gerrard, at the least.

Last season, he played 1212 minutes in PL, creating 29 chances (two assists), which was an average of a chance created every 41.79 minutes.

This season, he played 3222 minutes in PL, creating 93 chances (nine assists), which was an average of a chance created every 34.64 minutes.

So the answer to your question is "both."

Erich said...

Awesome work ... thanks for responding to the request. :)

Love your analysis and commentary!