03 June 2013

15 Years of Carragher and Gerrard [Infographic]

This image is massive. It's a timeline of all the matches played by Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard since their respective debuts in 1997 and 1998. Click on the cropped version below to open up the full image in a new window. You'll need to zoom in. And scroll. A lot. They've played a lot of matches.

Since his debut, Carragher played in 737 of 904 Liverpool matches, featuring in 81.5% of those games over 16 and a half seasons. Gerrard played in 630 of the 813 matches since his debut 14 and half seasons ago, which is 77.5%. And Carragher and Gerrard played together in 552 of those matches since Gerrard's debut, 67.9% of all possible matches.

Together, Carragher and Gerrard played in 383 Premier League matches, 77 Champions League matches, 35 Europa League matches, 33 FA Cup matches, 20 League Cup matches, two World Cup Championship matches, one European Super Cup, and one Charity Shield.

Their overall record together was 302 wins, 127 draws, and 123 losses. 200W-98D-85L in the Premiership, 42W-18D-17L in the Champions League, 20W-7D-8L in the Europa League, 22W-4D-7L in the FA Cup, 15W-0D-5L in the League Cup, one win and one loss in the World Club Championship, and one win in both the European Super Cup and Charity Shield.

The duo won 11 trophies; Gerrard missed two of those matches – the 2001 Charity Shield and 2005 UEFA Super Cup – while Carragher played in all 11.

702 of Carragher's appearances were as a starter, 35 as a substitute. Gerrard has started 573 matches and come on as a sub in 57.

Here's a link to my spreadsheet for this, if you're inclined to read through the individual matches. This graphic and the subsequent stats would have been impossible without LFCHistory.net, an invaluable, irreplaceable, simply wonderful resource.


JanH said...

We drop points without Carra but gain points without Stevie G...

nate said...

Two things in Gerrard's defense.

1) It's a very small difference with and without.

2) A lot of those points dropped when he played, whether in draws or losses, came with Gerrard as a substitute. Initially left out in order to rest him, but then brought on in the hopes of rescuing the match. Sometimes it worked (see Napoli hat trick in 2010-11 and 3-1 win v Newcastle in 2011-12, among others), sometimes it didn't (just last season: 1-3 LC loss to Swansea, 2-3 loss to Oldham, 2-3 loss to Udinese).

Anonymous said...

Good work Nate!

Unknown said...

Could you now do a post on how ugly the 2013/14 away and 3rd kits look? Perhaps a kit comparison through the years? You know, because you probably have the time!

Anonymous said...

...Red Scouse (SG), Blue Scouse (Carra) (gah I had to say it).

As always, love the info graphics.

nate said...

"...because you probably have the time" seems a little insulting! Even if it is true.

I did something kinda jokey about kits a couple of seasons back called Kit Happens. That'll have to do for now.

There are also links to all of Liverpool's previous kits at the bottom at the post.

suley said...

Very surprised at how much of a noticeable difference carragher makes to our points per game. Immense really and I really didnt expect it.

Nice work nate as always.

Josh K. said...

"...'Cuz you probably have the time"

Sorry, I was trying and failing at being clever. I'm consistently impressed with all the work you do. I check the blog nearly every day and it is invariably the first place I go to get post match discussion. I don't know how you put together the massive info graphics (like the SG/JC.), but they are fabulous.

No insult. Just amazement. Thanks for the link.