24 May 2013

Top 10 LFC Goals 2012-13

Another yearly tradition, although it's not as if there aren't a plethora of outstanding video editors – which there weren't when I started this tradition. None the less, you can't argue with tradition. And it was a good year for goals, in contrast to, say, 2011-12 or 2010-11.

10) Bale OG 1-2 Spurs: This will never not be funny. It might well be my favorite goal on the list. Pow. Right in the kisser.
9) Sterling 1-0 Sunderland: The next three goals make this list more for the assists than the strikes, not to take anything away from the strikes. But Suarez's assist is even more impressive than Sterling's finish, taken without even looking up, knowing where the defenders are and where Sterling's run is going. But Sterling's strike is worth the price of admission as well, clever enough to wait for the keeper to commit then perfectly lobbed over his head.
8) Sturridge 3-1 Fulham: Similar to the previous goal in both pass and finish, but with each of even higher quality. Coutinho can create through balls with the outside of his foot better than most players can with their instep; watching them will never get old. And Mark Schwarzer made Sturridge's attempt much more difficult than Mignolet did for Sterling. Also a reminder that Daniel Sturridge's right foot is supposedly his weaker foot.
7) Suarez 3-0 Sunderland: Usually, "Hollywood pass" is a disparaging term. Not here. That ball from Gerrard is 1000% Hollywood and 1000% perfect, directly in line for Suarez's run, then well-controlled into the back of the net. And let's give some credit to Downing's run, which wholly removed Cuellar from the play.
6) Şahin 2-1 West Brom: Count the passes. There are 11 of them, including the throw-in, in less than 25 seconds, almost all one- or two-touch except for Suso's mazy dribble. Liverpool went forward, sideways, backward, and forward again to carve West Brom open for the late winner, and it's not as if Albion players stood off, pressing each player in possession. Honestly, I expected a lot more of these goals when Rodgers was named manager.
5) Johnson 3-0 Gomel: Woof. Chest control, one hop, then an unstoppable volley with his weaker foot.
4) Enrique 3-0 Swansea: Liquid football, tearing through Swansea's defense. I'm still not sure how Sturridge, Enrique, Coutinho, and Suarez found space in the compressed left channel. Also, even more surprisingly, Enrique has a right foot! Sometimes.
3) Suarez 2-1 City (h) / Suarez 2-3 Udinese (tied): Suarez scored five direct free kicks this season, which is a mind-boggling total. The three against Wigan and Zenit were slightly fortunate, but these were absolutely unbelievable.
2) Gerrard 2-1 City (a): He's still got it. All of it.
1) Suarez 1-1 Newcastle: Magic.

Incidentally, the kind of goal are one from a corner, two free kicks, two team-wide passing moves, two shots from distance, and four "direct" goals. I guess that not only are Liverpool more potent when direct, they also score "better" goals.

Honorable Mention:
• Johnson 1-0 West Ham
• Sturridge 3-0 Newcastle (Coutinho assist)
• Coutinho 1-0 QPR
• Downing 1-0 Anzhi
• Sturridge 1-1 Fulham


WalkingOnTheMoon said...

suarez vs zenit 3rd goal freekick, the curve, power and emotion it created deserves a mention here nate!

for a fleeting moment it created the feeling Anfield was back to its best

nate said...

Yeah, I kinda short-sheeted that goal in the write-up, but 1) thought the Udinese FK was technically better, even if in a loss and 2) thought it was more similar to the City FK. which is, by far, my favorite of the five.

Shreyas said...

First time commenting here but a long time reader, I noticed the top goals for the past 3 seasons have all been about Luis Suarez.

eugene said...

Luis Suarez deserves much of the credit. He has been working hard on and off the field!

Anonymous said...

Love the list and all, but I think you have absolutely missed this out:
Though we lost it was such a significant goal on such an occasion and what emotion it brought!

nate said...

Gerrard's strike v United was very enjoyable, and I'd probably remember it even more fondly had Liverpool held on for the win, but think I had it in the low 20s in my list, behind the 5 honorable mentions and a few others (Sturridge 1-1 City, Henderson 1-0 Norwich, Suarez 2-0 Norwich (both home and away), Shelvey 4-3 BYB, a couple more).

Penguin said...

An interesting sub-competition here for pass of the season between 8, 7 and 1. Coutinho's through ball gets it for me even though I imagine most people would go for the other two. The fact he made the space first then casually chipped it with the outside of his peg was just mint.