24 January 2008

What is going on here?

Alex Ferguson is defending Rafa Benitez. John Terry has called Carragher the best defender in the world.

There are still loads of contradictory rumors about Hicks, Gillett, DIC, the refinancing, etc (the RAWK thread is currently at 125 pages in a week, which has to be some sort of record), and I still have no idea what’s the truth and what’s being spun or created in the media.

They were supposed to announce a new refinancing deal today.
But it’ll be by Monday for sure. DIC hasn’t made Hicks an offer, and he wouldn't sell anyway. DIC won’t make an offer if refinancing goes through. But there's speculation that DIC could be waiting for them to refinance so they can take over as the ‘good guys.’ Oh, and David Dein (?!?) is helping get the deal done. And Rick Parry could still be the one to save the club. At this point, I have trouble telling which way is up.

But it’s still embarrassingly going on. That there’s been little new “news” today might mean future developments might not be as public (please, please, please), but knowing this media and having seen past precedent during this fiasco makes me less than hopeful.

To be fair, Anfield Road has seemingly done an excellent job of trying to make sense of some of it, specifically the transfer expenditures, but that’s a task I’m not up for.

Needless to say, I have no idea what world I’ve been transported to or how to get back to the one I’m familiar with.

Preview of the Havant match, which I don’t think will be aired anywhere in the States (nor do I know if I’ll even be in town for it), sometime tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Sissoko is gone and Javi Masch. is on the way out as well. Fabiano on the way? Weird influx of news today...


nate said...

Yeah, I'll have something up on the Momo deal when/if it's completed, but the fact that's gotten so advanced makes me question the Masch to Juve talk.

I saw the comments attributed to him and his agent, but I've also seen loads of quotes attributed to him how much he loves playing at the club and being in Liverpool. It's still a bellwether for the club, and while I'm worried it hasn't been done yet, I won't truly worry until the end of the season, unless something unseen happens.

Saw the Fabiano bit too, although saw him linked with City in other (more) papers as well.

I've spent more time surfing more Liverpool and news/rumors sites in the last couple of days than since Torres signed. This is far, far unhealthier.

Mike Georger said...

IF masche leaves i dont think it will be until the summer considering thats when our loan for him goes until
still dont think he will though, if he does i think rafa will quit and rightfully so

thoughts on sending hobbs out on loan? i think its a dumb move considering how unlucky we have been with injuries and now that arbeloa is out

Anonymous said...

nate...you know about sopcast/tvu/tvants, right? that's how most stateside get their footie fix...not me, but i've heard other people talk about it

Mike Georger said...

wow this article just came up on the mirror. now i know its the mirror .. and yeah

but its the first ive seen anything saying we will sign masche


if that happens its a great move by the owners

Mike Georger said...


apparently we may see new stadium designs today too, that would be cool. i think once things are concrete fans will calm down, but again masche would be a huge part of that.

and honestly, with the way the US economy is shitting the bed right now its kind of natural that there would be some delay in this deal considering theyre using wachovia

nate said...

Re: the sopcast talk,

For one, as the game isn't on in the UK either, as far as I can tell, I don't know how many streams will be around.

Two, and this is the important part, I use a Mac. 99.9% of the time I adore it. It is a fantastic machine, and more importantly, it's not a piece of shit PC beholden to the Microsoft evil empire. The other .1% is when I need to watch Liverpool via the internet. There are some Mac-capable streams, just not many. Sigh.