29 January 2008

Sissoko to Juve

Well, the Sissoko move has been finalized.

Momo hasn’t had the best season the few times he’s seen the field, but it’s with sadness that he completes this move.

And it is a good move for all involved.

He’s currently fifth choice in central midfield, behind Gerrard, Masch, Alonso, and Lucas. He’s only 23 years old and still needs to develop as a footballer, so he needs to be playing. And Liverpool will recoup £8.2m from the transfer if reports are correct, which isn’t as much as people were hoping, but still £2.6m more than Liverpool bought him for.

He should have more time on the ball in Italy, and should get the run of games needed to cement and improve his form.

He was a useful and necessary player for Liverpool over his first two seasons, but Liverpool’s squad is improving, and Sissoko is one of the casualties of that. Benitez has sold players that he’s bought every season in order to improve the side. It’s sad to see Momo leave, but he needs to play and Liverpool needs those funds for Mascherano. That’s football, that’s life.

We will never forget the Chelsea match for the Community Shield, or the two legs against Barca in the Champions League. Those games were hallmarks of what Sissoko is and can be as a player; Michael Ballack probably still has nightmares featuring Momo.

We will never forget his determination to return after the eye injury that could have ruined his career, and the fact that he discarded the doctor-prescribed glasses in his return match before ten minutes were off the clock. Hard as nails.

And never forget, Momo is Boss. He’s magic, you know. You’ll never get past Sissoko.

All the best of luck.


Mike Georger said...

best of luck momo

(missing that WIDE open net against barca at home is also a part of his game ill remember)

on a side note
really hope these are fake

iskoppa said...

Your right Nate the best of luck to him, he did us proud! But this is football and times are achanging at LFC right now, so onwards and upwards is what I say! I am so,SO twitching about the game tomorrow night against West Ham I can hardly sleep! LFCFL-FTY-SYOTOS

nate said...

agreed, georger, especially the away kit.

oh god, not gray.

Ace Cowboy said...

Good luck, Msr. Sissoko...

I really want to see him succeed at Juve. But I really just want him to be at Juve!

Sign Mascherano tomorrow.