08 January 2008

Martin Skrtel

So Skrtel passed his medical and it seems he’ll be rubber-stamped sometime today. [Liverpool Echo] [BBC]

It’s not Mascherano putting pen to paper, and everything I wrote on Friday still holds, but at £6.5m, this will be Liverpool’s most expensive signing in defense.

It is also a position where Liverpool needed strengthening before the injuries to Agger and then Hyypia, and probably had to do it during this transfer period.

And spending £6m+ on a 23-year old defender who’s one for the long-term and will probably be handled like Agger was in his first season (and getting the deal done a week into the transfer window) seems to demonstrate that Rafa’s still planning for the future, and he’s being supported by the board.

We’re not out of the woods yet in regards to manager vis-à-vis management, but this is a welcome step.

Plus, just take a look at the fella. Yikes.


Mike Georger said...

im a HUGE fan of this move. the russian league is probably the most underrated in the world, and he is one of the better young stars over there. i mean i wouldve preferred kompany but its still a good signing.

with him, agger, and hobbs, we look solid for when sami and carra hang up the boots

Mike Georger said...


now THATS a good picture of him

iskoppa said...

well its not the signing that i was expecting or hoping for! but hay from the phone calls i've made this evening to my fellow L.S.C.is. mates, thay reckon this lad is the dog's B's!! so fingers crossed and i wish him well, we need too pull our finger's out in the next month and thats for sure! SYOTOS