17 January 2008

Nota Bene on the 'era of bad feeling'

I know there’s still a lot of controversy and gossip over the owners: the situation with Benitez, refinancing the loan, the possible re-entrance of DIC into the picture, and revising the design/financing the stadium (and player upgrades). To be frank, not much Liverpool news has been of the positive sort of late, and it’s mainly been their fault (the media may not help matters, but it’s not as if that’s anything new).

But I’m going to try and write previews and reviews while ignoring (for lack of a better term) these things. Without doubt there are problems, but I’m still not sure the extent of them, and for example, I refuse to acknowledge Benitez is a dead man walking until I hear it from the man himself, whatever the pundits say (although I do think the linked article is also one of the best at summarizing why Benitez’ exit would be atrocious, even if it does reckon he will leave if G&H stay). Maybe I’m deluding myself, but for clarification, that’s where I’m at.

If something concrete comes along or certain things can’t be ignored (like the Hicks/Klinsmann debacle), I’ll assuredly have something to say. But for now, I am trying not to let these bad feelings permeate everything I write on this blog, especially if it’s about on-field matters.

Preview for Monday’s match up later tomorrow than usual, as it’ll probably (hopefully?) stay on top of the page until the post-match.

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iskoppa said...

Take note! In these troubled times be very careful for what you wish for! in a old CB'ers term "thats a 4 for sure" i have no love for the American'ers or the Arabs, as for them TAKING OVER this club of ours there is nothing personally i can do about it, all we can do is hope and pray that who ever is holding the reins of power after the 1st of Feb chooses their spoken words and actions more carefully and wisely than before, looking forward to the game on Monday LFC for life FTW & SYOTOS