28 November 2006

Quick Prem Predictions

12 teams in action mid-week, mostly tomorrow, but with one game today.

Watford v Sheffield United (Tuesday, 3:00pm, Setanta): Can’t see where goals are coming from with Marlon King out for the season, and Ben Foster’s absence doesn’t help Watford either. This game will go a long way in deciding if either of these sides can earn enough points to avoid relegation. 1-0 Sheffield

Aston Villa v Manchester City (2:45pm): Eek, Man City on the road, run away. And yes, I remember last Saturday, but that was the best performance both Distin and Dunne gave all season, and I can’t see it happening twice in a row. 2-0 Villa

Fulham v Arsenal (2:45pm): After a loss to Bolton, I expect one of those games where Arsenal bounces back stylishly from a poor result. Thierry Henry looks to still be out with a neck injury, however. 2-0 Arsenal

Bolton v Chelsea (3pm, FSC): Tough game for both. Bolton hosted Arsenal last weekend and 4 days later welcomes the two-time defending champions. Chelsea is coming off a trip to Old Trafford, and now has to travel to the Reebok, which is never an easy place to play. The only way I see Bolton winning here is if Anelka plays as well as he did against Arsenal, because Bolton are going to need his goals, as I imagine they’ll play with a lot of men behind the ball and look to score on counter-attack. I also find it hard to believe that Chelsea will drop points in successive matches. 1-0 Chelsea

Manchester United v Everton (3pm, Setanta): While I agree with Mourinho that United will rue the two points lost by drawing with Chelsea, they still (sigh) look to be the team to beat this year. It’s sad that it’s not even November and I’m rooting for them to drop points, and even sadder I’m relying on Everton for United to drop said points. Funny game this soccer is. 1-1

Liverpool v Pompey preview up this evening.

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