29 November 2006

All-Premiership XI

I try never to bump Liverpool previews off the top before the game occurs, but late last night, amidst a fair amount of lager, friends and I attempted to name an all-Premiership XI. Not content with shouting the team at one another, I’m putting up the squad I came up with for you all to question.

I did not intend to use players solely from the “big clubs,” and only realized that 15 out of the 16 listed came from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or United after the fact. Which I reckon says a lot about the state of the league, more so than the aside about the gap between the rich and poor from a couple of days back.

So, with the groove fully in gear, I decided to play the same game, without any players from the big four clubs.

What amuses me most about the second exercise is the amount of Englishmen in the side compared to the other XI. In the first team, there are 4 starters. In the second, there are 8.

As always, remarks, revisions, and hate mail emphasizing how little I know is more than welcome.

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