15 November 2006

Compare and Contrast

Okay, remind me again, which player has been at Liverpool for over 5 years, and which is in his second season?

Reina: We have to keep fighting
"Fourth place is our target now, we have to fight for that. The Championship is probably too far away for us because mathematically Manchester United and Chelsea are very superior.

"We have a lot of confidence in Europe and that is a target as well. We are probably a better team in the Champions League than in the Premiership."

Riise: We're not giving up
"We never give up. Cowards give up," said the Norwegian left-back.

"Of course it will be hard to catch up with Manchester United, but at one point last season we were 27 points behind Chelsea, and in May we were only nine points behind."

This isn't a potshot, mind you. Just saying...

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