01 June 2015

Steven Gerrard's Liverpool Teammates [Infographic]

Self explanatory, really. That's a lot of names. 160 of them. And it only includes Liverpool players who actually played with Steven Gerrard. So, a handful of players who made a handful of Liverpool appearances – e.g. Richie Partridge, Samed Yesil, Brad Smith, etc – aren't on the list. And each player's tenure starts from when they actually played with a match with Gerrard: e.g. Insua's two matches in 2006-07 weren't with Gerrard, so his first season is listed as 2007-08. There are a couple more examples of this, but not as many as you'd think.

It is curious to see how many players survive for just a season or two. A lot, whether they're big-money transfers or academy graduates. It's also curious to see how many groups survive for just a few seasons, demonstrating just how bad Liverpool's transfers were that window (*glares at 2002-03, 2008-09, among others*).

Unsurprisingly, Jamie Carragher played the most matches with Gerrard, with Sami Hyypiä second. Each featured for 15 and 10 seasons alongside Gerrard respectively. But Daniel Agger actually played the third-most seasons with Gerrard – nine, from 2005-06 through 2013-14 – and only comes up 12th on this list with 183 appearances. Because injuries, of course; Agger made more than 30 appearances with Gerrard just three times in nine seasons. John Arne Riise, on the other hand, did that in all seven of his.

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Danny said...

Really interesting chart!

So Skrtel and Lucas with the most experience of Gerrard that are still LFC players. They've been around long enough to see upwards of 65 (lost count)other players arrive in thier time! comparatively does this make them our er, new-veterens?

Bellamys place on the list is fittingly unique. The longest gap between seasons for LFC?

You can make a half-decent team outta that top ten too