11 June 2015

Liverpool Top 10 Goals 2014-15

So this is a couple of weeks later than usual. Sorry about that. I could blame life, or work, or other Liverpool things I've been working on – all true – but the fact is that I haven't been in a hurry to relive last season. I'm sure you understand.

You can find previous Top 10 videos (at least the ones which haven't been taken down) by scrolling through here (otherwise known as the "videos" tag on this blog).

10) Gerrard 1-6 Stoke: As if we could leave Gerrard's last goal for Liverpool off, the lone bright spot during that damnable day. Sentimentality is easier when there aren't exactly ten superlative goals, but Gerrard still deserves every single bit of sentimentality.

9) Rossiter 1-0 Boro: Okay, just a little bit more sentimentality. We began with the old, we continue with the new. A 17-year-old Scouser, the most recent to be stuck with the "Next Gerrard" label, on his debut, less than 10 minutes into the match. And because this season was officially the worst, that would be Rossiter's only first-team appearance.

8) Lallana 1-0 WBA: Coutinho starting the move, Lambert also involved, quick feet from Lallana, lovely interplay with Henderson, a back-heeled assist, a weak-foot finish. Pretty much the ideal goal given Liverpool's summer transfers. Unsurprisingly, we didn't see its like very often.

7) Gerrard 1-1 Basel: "Over to you captain. Done it plenty of times before. Your club needs you again… OHHHHH GERRARD'S DONE IT, MAGNIFICENT FREE KICK. And Liverpool have a lifeline. Is history going to repeat itself again, as Gerrard provides something very, very special?"

No. No it would not.

6) Sterling 1-0 Southampton: This is on here because of Jordan Henderson. That's an amazing assist, and it's with his left foot. Liverpool's first goal of the season, 23 minutes into the season, seemed to bode well for the season. Ha. Ha ha ha.

5) Moreno 3-0 Spurs: Let's forget the defensive calamities. Let's just remember this, in just Moreno's second match. This was fun. This was when we thought Liverpool's full-back positions and Liverpool's defense might well be settled and might well be fixed. Oh how little we knew.

4) Coutinho 2-1 Bolton: And now begins The Coutinho Show.

3) Henderson 1-0 City: Well, okay, a brief interlude in The Coutinho Show because holy wow Jordan Henderson.

2) Coutinho 2-1 City: I went back and forth over whether this or Henderson's in the same match should be second. Similarly unstoppable, from almost the same area of the pitch. Coutinho's got slightly more precedent for wonder goals, but Henderson's started with Kompany's mistake and this won the match. So this edges it.

1) Coutinho 1-0 Southampton: But there's no debate over this one. Good lord. Pick that one out.

Honorable Mention: (Mostly for the assists)
• Sterling 1-0 Burnley
• Lallana 3-1 Swansea
• Sterling 1-1 Chelsea (League Cup)
• Borini 1-0 Villa
• Henderson 3-1 Leicester

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