17 June 2015

2014-15 Liverpool Fixtures by Result and League Place

Since people who don't give the Premier League loads of money can't repost the full fixture list (*shrugs*), here's a couple of different ways of looking at it based off of last year's table: last season's league place and Liverpool's comparable result against that side.

FYI: as is standard for results comparisons, this season's three promoted sides (Bournemouth, Watford, Norwich in that order) replace last season's three relegated sides (Hull, Burnley, QPR). Also, dates obviously subject to change for TV schedules, cup competition conflicts, etc.

Well that's a suitably horrifying start. Last year's results for Liverpool's away schedule through November: loss, loss, loss, draw, win, loss, loss. Last year's results for Liverpool's first seven matches: five points. Good lord. Start your "Rodgers Out, Klopp In by November" jokes now.

Otherwise, it's actually not too bad. Not incredibly difficult fixtures after Europa League group stage matches: Norwich (H), Everton (A), Southampton (H), Palace (H), Swansea (H), West Brom (H). Six of the seven are at Anfield, with the one away match just across Stanley Park. A fairly easy December, including a home match on Boxing Day for the first time since 2011. A run-in where Liverpool won seven, drew two, and lost two of last season's 11 comparable fixtures, only facing two of last season's Champions League sides, both at Anfield.

If Liverpool can somehow survive the first three months, it should get a lot better. But that's a fairly big if.

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