03 September 2012

Visualized: Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal

Previous Match Infographics: Manchester City (h)

Well, I promised to do these comprehensive infographics for all the "big" matches. I guess I can't stop after one because the second big match went so comprehensively awful. And no, I still haven't come up with a better title for the series.

As with last week's, all data via StatsZone and Squawka.

A couple of notes after the image...

This graphic seems to serve even more of a purpose than last week's against City. Because it makes it obvious how Arsenal won the game: midfield passing, a sturdy defense, and taking its chances.

Liverpool attempted and completed more passes – and a higher percentage of passes – and had more possession, but Arsenal's midfield put Liverpool's to shame. Arteta and Diaby controlled the game, while it felt like Cazorla could score or create a goal every time he waltzed into the final third. 72 passes, 65 completed is an egregious, egregious total for an attacking midfielder and again helps demonstrate just how much Liverpool missed Lucas' ability to cover that area of the pitch.

The tackles and interceptions section is almost as frightening. Especially as you near the penalty boxes. Arsenal's is ringed and filled with tackles and interceptions. Liverpool made one tackle inside its box and three inside the defensive third; nine of Liverpool's 17 tackles came in the opposition half.

Finally, every outfield Liverpool player – all 12 of them, starter and substitute – took at least one shot or created at least one chance. But once again, Liverpool wasted every single one. Seven of Arsenal's 13 outfield players created a chance or took a shot, but they made two of theirs count.

1 comment :

jonnySingapore said...

looks like we have a broken defensive setup without Steve Clarke and didn't deal with the striker situation.

We first attempted to deal with the striker situation under Commoli (who must have been in conversation with Hodgson) and that gave us Carroll (crap) and Suarez, who got 17 in 39 but lacks the specific coaching required to hone his finishing.

Rodgers requirement was again, to fix the scoring. He bought Borini.

It can't have been a last day decision to block Dempsey yet it seems it was, so Rodgers carries some blame for that, as £3m was never going to wash with Fulham, who might have just been dicking us around in anycase.

If you don't assess the real issue of the prior season then you won't fix it and that is what has happened.

We have all become obsessed with this new 'system', where in reality we just needed goal scorers.

We had a great coach in Steve Clarke but thought a rookie manager would be better.

FSG really aren't doing a good job as the run of problems and big direction reversals demonstrate, and the SOS demand of a Chief Exec is a start.

Rodgers' setup is predictable and is easily countered when possession is lost. It's like he assumes we're never going to give the ball away.

As I originally predicted and asked, where are the goals going to come from? We will be fighting with Villa for 15th.

And what has happened to Gerrard? Is it the position or the system, or a lack of options? He just can't get it together.