12 September 2012

Hillsborough Links

Many are more qualified to write on this topic: more passionately, more intelligently, closer to the situation, whether by age or proximity. Whether on today's developments or the history of the Hillsborough Disaster. This is one of those times where it's hardest being a Liverpool supporter on the wrong side of the ocean.

But that's no excuse for avoiding such an important moment in the club's history; every supporter, Liverpool or otherwise, should know the details of what happened and recognize today for what it is: some much-needed closure, after 23 long years, and some semblance of justice. First concrete steps toward justice, at the very least.

So all I can recommend is "read." Read the history, read the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report and conclusion, and learn for yourself.

Hillsborough Independent Panel: Disclosed Material and Report
LFC.tv – David Cameron's statement
• ITV and BBC documentaries via Liverpool Offside
• Daily Mirror: Brian Reade on the day that changed football forever
• The Guardian: Hillsborough and Battle of Orgreave
• Tony Evans: New report will accuse police of orchestrating Hillsborough cover-up
The Anfield Wrap: Watching last night's documentary on Hillsborough was like getting run over by a truck
Iain Macintosh – Hillsborough: An Apology

I'll update this when links to more videos from LFC.tv's live stream come online later today. Also, some more on the history of the Hillsborough, links I've usually posted on the anniversary of the disaster:

Hillsborough Justice Campaign
Hillsborough Family Support Group
The Hillsborough Football Disaster
Don’t Buy The Sun
LFC.tv – Hillsborough: 10 Key Questions
LFC.tv – 1 Question, 96 Responses
Liverpoolfc.tv tribute page
• Sheila Coleman: Hillsborough 23 Years On
• The Anfield Wrap – Hillsborough: Still Waiting for The Truth
• Dave Kirby: The Justice Bell

1 comment :

jonnySingapore said...

Being Liverpool is being screened on Friday 21st September, Channel 5 (UK).

- Cameron said no cover up. Yet there was a clear mind to ignore any protestation to the 'official story' and turn a deaf ear. The politicians must explain themselves.

The relationship between the govt and police was much too close after the police busted the miners' strike. Thatcher was always going to stand behind them the bxtch.

The other part of responsibility goes to the FA and their totally inept approval of the staging of the event.

Years before the problems at Hillsborough were highlighted. The FA caused this in their own incompetence.
Hell, just switching ends for the fans, as requested, would have lead to a completely different outcome.

It's just not good enough.