15 May 2012

Results Comparison 2011-12 (and bonus graphic)

For comparison, here's last year's version.

Fairly similar, horrific results, but more home draws leading to fewer points. Huzzah!

versus club:
• United (1st --> 2nd) = -2
• Chelsea (2nd --> 6th) = 0
• City (3rd --> 1st) = -2
• Arsenal (4th --> 3rd) = +1
• Tottenham (5th --> 4th) = +1
• Everton (7th --> 7th) = +5
• Fulham (8th --> 9th) = -6
• Villa (9th --> 16th) = +1
• Sunderland (10th --> 13th) = -3
• West Brom (11th --> 10th) = 0
• Newcastle (12th --> 5th) = 0
• Stoke (13th --> 14th) = -2
• Bolton (14th --> 18th) = -3
• Blackburn (15th --> 19th) = -2
• Wigan (16th --> 15th) = -1
• Wolves (17th --> 20th) = +3
• Relegated/Promoted 1 (Birmingham 18th --> QPR 17th) = -1
• Relegated/Promoted 2 (Blackpool 19th --> Norwich 12th) = +4
• Relegated/Promoted 3 (West Ham 20th --> Swansea 11th) = -2

Better against Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, and one of the relegated/promoted sides. Worse against almost everyone else.

versus league place:
• vs 1st = 3 to 1 = -2
• vs 2nd = 6 to 1 = -5
• vs 3rd = 3 to 3 = 0
• vs 4th = 2 to 1 = -1
• vs 5th = 0 to 3 = +3
• vs 6th = n/a to 6 = (0 combined with 8th)
• vs 7th = 1 to 6 = +6
• vs 8th = 6 to n/a = (0 combined with 6th)
• vs 9th = 3 to 0 = -3
• vs 10th = 4 to 3 = -1
• vs 11th = 3 to 1 = -2
• vs 12th = 3 to 4 = +1
• vs 13th = 3 to 1 = -2
• vs 14th = 6 to 1 = -5
• vs 15th = 3 to 1 = -2
• vs 16th = 2 to 4 = +2
• vs 17th = 3 to 3 = 0
• vs 18th = 4 to 3 = -1
• vs 19th = 0 to 4 = +4
• vs 20th = 3 to 6 = +3

Better against the three places directly above Liverpool in the table and, surprisingly, those at the very bottom. Otherwise, again, worse against the majority, both the clubs at the top of the table and the vast middle class of the league which Liverpool now sits among.


Another repeat from last season, as it seems helpful to organize results in this fashion. Unfortunately, since Liverpool scored far too few goals, it's not necessarily fun to look at said results in this fashion.

Some quick thoughts:

• Hey, at least Liverpool were better away from home this season! Let's not worry about how Liverpool's home record compares, though. Also, no points awarded for saying 'there was nowhere to go but up' because, seriously, don't be that guy.

• Look at all those draws. Actually, don't. It's depressing.

• Liverpool failed to win away when scoring just once. In fact, Liverpool scored just one away from Anfield twice in 18 games. The Reds were held scoreless in eight (one draw, seven losses), scored twice in six (five wins, one loss), and scored three in three (three wins). Odd.

• Last season, this graphic took up six columns. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

enough with stats, it is time to talk transfers! I mean soccer offseason is all of 2 months so lets see some threads this year discussing who might be in or out and who we are looking at etc. Because I am too lazy to actually surf the new for hours to find this myself.

If we don't get Hazard... we are scaaaarewed.

Downing had zero assists this year correct? What a JOKE! His WHOLE job is to get assists. So he needs to be gone. It's a shorter list of saying who we should have STAY than the list of who needs to GO. What a freaking joke we have become. WE FINISHED BENEATH EVERTON! They are KNOWN for having NO MONEY! Dalglish, get the hell out. His biased towards overhyped english players is appaling. Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, the great teams aren't built around 4 english players, why are we trying to do this?

Nasty Nate, give us updates every week on transfers so I have some reason to wake up and go to my job and not think that we are in for another year of embarassment. I mean we won a trophy by default since no top teams gave a damn about it but us. It is embarassing to even talk about a carling cup trophy, its like winning a 6th man of the year away in the NBA. No one cares!

I've been a pool fan for 25 years. This is bad times indeed. We have never been so distant from the top team imo. Many City, Man Utd, are so many miles ahead of us and people are talking we should get Dempsey... hahaha WHAT!? He is a nice player but he is no aguero or messi or ronaldo. We need ELITE talent. Get Hazard AND Neymar and then maybe we can break into the top 4. We need to seriously think about signing a 30million dollar CM too as gerrard has one more season left and then it is carragher status for him. My rant is down. Much love to Nasty Nate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the autocomplete deal when typing on my phone made me grammar look utterly rubbish, do forgive.

nate said...

Haha, if you want transfer talk, gossip, rumors, etc, you're in the wrong place.

If someone's signed, I'll write about it. If you want rumors, check the numerous Liverpool forums, Twitter, etc. Not my bag.

Anonymous said...

We need to make it your bag Nate. All these stats you are posting just depress me more and more with how rubbish we were and will continue to be unless we spend 100-200mil this year. This is the moment where will either show we want to be a champions league club or we truly become just another top half of the table club who will never be relegated but never win a thing. We will be no better than a tottenham or an aston villa or newcastle. It is enough to make you to not want to support a club that has no ambition anymore. If the players and management don't want to spend time, energy, and funds to make us a better club then why should a supporter? We got new kits that look cheap and horrendous and did away with our logo that paid homage to those that perished with the Gates on the emblem. Now they are gone.

We are falling fast. People were used to us being so poor at the end of the season there was talk that Carrol may actually have potential and not a stiff. What a joke.

He is a COMPLETE hack. Downing has no assists and are top paid striker wouldn't even fetch 10mil on the market now and I doubt even an everton would take him. Yet newcastle for a hell of a lot less money have Ba and Cisse who look far superior to bellamy and carrol. Why don't we get african strikers? Why do most top level teams have African players and we do not. It is borderline racist. Man City, Man utd, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Arsenal all have a plethora of African descent strikers and outfield players. Liverpool has glen johnson. It is a little weird at this point. Almost as racist as Barcelona who only recruit spanish players.