24 May 2012

Minutes Played 2011-12

Had a request following the last graphic, which listed each players' total appearances, to break it down into minutes played. Appearances can be deceiving, after all. Ask and ye shall receive (sometimes).

Total possible minutes were 3420 in the Premier League, 540 in the FA Cup, and 660 in the Carling Cup.

Notable miscellany:

• Unsurprisingly, two defenders and the starting goalkeeper played the most minutes. It's no surprise to see Reina lead in minutes played for the Premiership and Carling Cup – he was the only player to play all seven Carling Cup matches and the maximum minutes possible in any competition. Both he and Skrtel played every minute in the Premier League last season. This was the first season since 2006-07 where Reina didn't play every Premier League minute.

• It was, however, slightly surprising to see Gerrard lead in minutes played for the FA Cup, the only player to start all six FA Cup ties. Carroll and Downing were the only others to appear in all six matches; Downing started five, Carroll four.

• Carragher played the fifth-most minutes in that competition, behind Gerrard, Reina, Skrtel, and Downing. However, he was 12th in Premier League minutes played and 16th in Carling Cup minutes played.

• Kuyt and Bellamy had the joint-most substitute appearances in all competitions, with 19. Carroll was just one behind, with 18 appearances off the bench.

• Despite being injured since the end of November, Lucas played just 99 minutes less than Maxi, with both making the same number of Premier League appearances. This should bother you. It bothers me.

• Somehow Shelvey and Coates played the exact same amount – 845 total minutes. I just found that odd.

• Premiership totals from LiverpoolFC.tv statistics
• Cup totals added together from LFCHistory.net match reports

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