21 May 2012

Liverpool Stats 2011-12

More season-long statistics in graphic form, similar to those about goals scored and conceded published last week. Because no matter how painful the 2011-12 season was, this is still more fun than baseless and mindless speculation about the new manager and/or future of the club.

As often, all statistics from LFCHistory.net except for "assists," which are explained in the graphic.


Anonymous said...


Could you put up a poll of the possible coaching candidates that we have spoken with or are possible hires and let us vote on which one we want. I am interested to see who fans want as the coach as even the fans don't seem to know who they want as a coach.

nate said...

Sorry, but I don't really see the point of a poll here. Not that desperate for content (yet), won't be a ton of participation going by earlier polls, and other than a handful of rumored names – Martinez confirmed by loud-mouth Dave Whelan, AVB heavily suspected, Rodgers and De Boer declining interviews, Rafa seemingly the internet's preference – we're not even sure who's on the "shortlist."

However, almost every Liverpool forum seems to be running a poll if you want the general internet impression:

This is Anfield
LFC.tv forums
LFC Reds
YNWA.tv (registration required to view)

And probably every other one you can think of. I'm too lazy to keep checking forums for links to their polls. Benitez is winning most if not all. This is Anfield actually wrote about these polls earlier today, saying Benitez had 59% out of almost 4000 votes. You should be able to check current tallies and read what's been written without registering for every site save YNWA.tv.

Maybe I'll do one here in a few days/weeks, when/if there's a concrete shortlist reported, but even then, probably not.

I don't mean to censor discussion or anything – by all means, talk about it in the comments section if you can get others to chime in, and maybe I'll pop up if there's something I want to respond to – but I don't really care to write about Liverpool's next manager until Liverpool have (or are very, very close to signing) said manager.

WetCelery said...

I'm very surprised to see Kuyt with so many appearances, I feel like he hasn't played at all this season. I suspect his appearances are mostly from the last 20 minutes of games, after Downing has spent the rest of the game running around pretending to care, and not even doing that well.

Seth said...

I think the league position by week graph is really helpful. After seeing it, it's so clear there should be no illusions that we were a good team that lost its way. We never truly contended. I think it would be very helpful to overlay certain events on there as well. Lucas injury, Suarez suspension, Johnson injury etc. just to see if any of that popped. You may have already tried this.