21 December 2010

Steadying the Ship

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Okay, one comment. Yes, we're not even halfway through the season, but form through the first 17 games has been a decent predictor of Liverpool's final league position for the two previous campaigns. To grasp at some statistics, take a look at the mean, median, and mode of Liverpool's league place from week 4 through week 17 for 2008-09 and 2009-10.

FYI: I started on week 4 so every team had a couple of games under its belt. Otherwise, the table's fairly dependent on alphabetical order. Week 4 is about when form begins to separate sides while still giving us a decently large sample size.

Mean: 2nd
Median: 2nd
Mode: 2nd

Mean: 6th
Median: 6th
Mode: 7th

And here are those numbers for this season...

Mean: 11th
Median: 12th
Mode: 9th

Mid-table. At best.

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