18 December 2010

Liverpool PP-PP Fulham

Today's match against Fulham has been postponed due to hazardous traveling conditions. Evidently there are a few inches of snow in England and the world's about to end. It's far from the only match called off; Arsenal v Stoke, Birmingham v Newcastle, Wigan v Aston Villa, and tomorrow's Chelsea v United have also been pushed back.

Liverpool haven't announced when this fixture will now take place.

This is all Al Gore's fault; thanks a lot for 'climate change.' Well, his fault or Roy Hodgson's.


McrRed said...

Nate, have you seen pictures of Rafa in Abu Dhabi just prior to the Club World Cup finals?

He's smiling.

I think you know where the blame lies.

Anonymous said...


nate this was the first post in a long long time that made me laugh.

McrRed said...

BTW I live in Manchester about 30 miles from Anfield = similar snow conditions.

At the end of our road is a little bump (we call it a hill - it's about 3 yds high FFS). This morning, it took me a minute of dangerous backward-slidey driving to get round this corner and onto the (clear) main road with traffic hurtling at me wondering what the hell I was up to.

Anfield, as you know sits atop a bloody great hill (comparatively) and the thought of thousands of fans rushing to get to the match, having also been delayed on their journeys, makes me...content...that it's been postponed.