26 December 2010

Liverpool PP-PP Blackpool

Tremendous. Another week, another cancellation. Blackpool's pitch is frozen. Happy Holidays. It's an absolute sin that the Premier League doesn't require undersoil heating, and this is the third game at Bloomfield Road postponed so far this season. At least Everton v Birmingham's also been pushed back so Liverpool's isn't the only game not taking place.

The match has already been rescheduled for January 12th – here's hoping the weather's better in two and a half weeks' time. And if you hadn't heard, last week's match against Fulham has been moved to January 26th. It's gonna be a busy month. There are now seven fixtures scheduled for January; if Liverpool somehow beat United in the 3rd round of the FA Cup, it'll be eight.

It just does not feel like Boxing Day without Liverpool.


TimC said...

It is unfortunate that there was no match today but this could be a blessing in disguise. I think with injuries and the potential to sign new players in the January transfer window, Liverpool could be a much stronger side when they play these two fixtures. On top of that, they are a bit off-form at the moment and maybe a condensed run of games is what they need to start playing well again.

Anyway, happy holidays to all and here's hoping that Hodgson found a new left back under his tree.

Anonymous said...

Flipside is how our side can stay healthy with so many games jam packed into January.

I don't even know how to feel anymore. Ho ho ho.

drew said...

I find it crushingly depressing that we are hoping this cancellation will provide us time to buy players, so that we might stand a chance against the might of Blackpool.

For me the benefit of a crowded January, bar incoming players, is that Roy will be forced to give some games to the youngsters. Wilson, Pacheco, Shelvey, and all the rest shouldn't lack for minutes this next month.