28 June 2010

Word Salad

At Liverpool, colorless green ideas sleep furiously. Absolutely nothing makes sense anymore, and I can't help but believe that's the point.

Liverpool hasn't had a plan for a new manager since sacking Benitez, evidenced by the wildly widely disparate names discussed during the month that the position's been empty. But from their personal point of view, having no plan is Hicks and Gillett's best possible policy. It buys them more time to have no plan to sell the club, and it keeps the fans focused on more trivial matters. Sadly, in this case, the trivial matters are the manager who decides the team and tactics for the game that we're all here to watch, the man who will try to make our summer of discontent somehow glorious. But because we're big business, the football takes a back seat so our loving custodians can make a buck off our love of football, selling snake oil with a Liverpool logo. Round and round in circles we go and where we'll stop, nobody knows.

Make sense? Good. It shouldn't. That's exactly how it's supposed to be. We of the Internet are a minority when considering the millions upon millions of fans worldwide. And there's a minority in our minority with heads still in the sand. Ignorance gives our enemies a large range of probabilities, and it is worse still to be ignorant of our own ignorance. Get the word out any way possible, wherever you are. Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies, and then the club dies. Those trivial matters will truly be trivialities, no matter the future manager, if Liverpool continues on its winding, wayward path.

Picture the larger picture. Recognize what's nonsense and hold who's responsible accountable. Sleep furiously tonight, but be sure to dream in red.


drew said...

Finally got around to taking the Anfield tour yesterday; hated injecting even that little bit of money into the G+H machine but had friends coming through town for the very purpose of doing the tour.

Was telling that even the tour guide gave in to brief but deep spells of despair in between his patter, said he couldn't even remember the club being utterly without a manager for any real stretch of time. And he straight out called for the owners to sell up and leave.

Anyway, it's worth doing while the ground's still up. Best story was about the "This Is Anfield" sign, which apparently is the third one since Shanks put it up in the early 60s. The first is now in a hotel on the Isle of Man (which I actually saw two weeks ago, thinking it was a knockoff and not the real thing); the second was nicked by Jimmy Case after his last home match--apparently back then it was just hung on hooks rather than fixed to the wall, and on his way back up the tunnel he just reached up and carried it off. Someone said, didn't anyone ask him about it? Tour guide: "I wouldn't ask him about it NOW."

nate said...

Hate that they got your money, but know from experience how fun and meaningful that tour is, and can't hold it against anyone. Don't imagine it's changed much in 7 years, which is and isn't a good thing.

Also, that Jimmy Case story absolutely rules.