26 June 2010


I hate this summer, these owners, and Purslow so much. This is why I keep doing World Cup match reviews, and why there have been few posts about Liverpool. Because there's been no news from Liverpool – just obfuscation, smokescreens, and unfulfilled promises.

It's Dalglish. No, it's Hodgson. No, it's Pelligrini. No, it's Hodgson. No, wait, we're after Rijkaard or Deschamps, we promise. Ugh.

Wake me up in August.


Anonymous said...

I think Klinsmann would be a interesting alternative, although he has not been approved as a topclass coach. Leading Germany in 2006, he established a system which was effective and also offered offensive football without defensive weakness. Due to this facts, he could give Liverpool the stability and constance they need to get back to the top. Hopefully you don't care about me being a German, but I think Klinsmann ist underrated. So far, it's just my opinion! Now i have to prepare for the classic tomorrow, the game for which the World Cup has been made: England vs Germany! Have a nice day lads!

Raatzie said...

Like things will be any better in August.

nate said...

Touché, Raatzie. Touché.

Just so frustrated with the constant managerial gossip. It's been nearly a month since Benitez was sacked, and it's clear Liverpool has no real plan. Leaking names to the press left and right in the hopes something sticks. There's little rhyme or reason to the candidates suggested; Hodgson is nothing like Pelligrini is nothing like Klinsmann.


steven. said...

Whack a Mole might be more like it .. you'd have to hit a manager over the head for them to take this job ..