11 June 2010

Getting Involved in America

Last week I wrote about feeling removed from the fight against the owners being based in America. And I've had little in the way of concrete suggestions besides boycotting official merchandise and joining Spirit of Shankly. McrRed also beat me to the punch of this post, adding a few excellent links and ideas in the comments of the "Who's Next" post below.

I'm not one for Facebook – I rarely use my personal account anymore, let alone ever set one up for this site – but if you are, there are some good ideas being bandied about over at North American Reds LFC Supporters Group. In addition, here's the concurrent RAWK thread. One idea I particularly like is a billboard in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and if it comes to be, I'll get a link up to the donations page (and chip in).

There are LFC supporter clubs based in most big US cities, but I know a fair few of us live in smaller places. That's where Facebook, RAWK, and the like come in. Even if you're sick of Facebook, like I am, there are tools to ensure we work together in constructive ways. And even though I'm a small voice and like to focus on analysis here, I still feel the need to put this blog into service sometimes.

Long story short, getting American reds together worked for ousting Steven Cohen, and it can help again here. If you're of the Facebook persuasion, join the group. Even if you aren't, check in every now and then, or at RAWK or the other various internet forums, and again, consider signing up for Spirit of Shankly. Soon enough, there should be enough members to form a US SoS branch.

No matter who the next manager ends up being, the focus will still need to be on ousting Hicks and Gillett.


Earl said...

Thanks for all the info. I still feel impotent, but maybe that small membership fee can be put to good use.

McrRed said...

Nice one Nate (and Earl)!
we keep adding our voices and it becomes a powerful force!!!

Jeff said...

Out of curiosity nate, why haven't you joined SoS before now? I am not a member and am thinking I should join to help the cause.

nate said...

I joined near the end of the season; I think after Hull. One, because I was somewhat 'see no evil, hear no evil' while the season was still going on and two, because I needed to have money in my paypal account.