04 August 2009

When do Liverpool concede? (And a bonus graph)

So, following this infographic, McrRed suggested comparing the totals to the goals Liverpool let in. Ask and you shall receive, and so on.

Already Ahead: 7
Go-Ahead Goals: 24
Equalizers: 9
Still Behind: 6

Similar proportions to Liverpool's tally, but in far fewer number, for the most part. Unsurprisingly, the one obvious difference is the amount of goals after the 75th minute. Liverpool's opponents scored 11 from 76-90', the joint-top time period (along with 31-45'), but it wasn't out of step with the other 15-minute segments. Liverpool scored almost double the amount of goals in that block of time (35) than during any other spell.

The "already ahead" goals are another dissimilarity; again, unsurprising – Liverpool losses were a rare occurrence. Liverpool scored 40 times when they were already in front. Opponents only went two up or more on Liverpool seven times, and Liverpool still only lost in three of those five games (with a win against City and a draw at Hull).

It's also interesting that Liverpool both scored and conceded the fewest at the beginnings of the halves. It's only a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing these numbers, and most of the stats in the "against" category, are consistent with the league-wide average. Liverpool just concede fewer than most (only United and Chelsea let in less last season).

Because this isn't really a new infographic, I reckon I'll also add one of the few one-dimensional graphics I've made. It only shows one thing – how long it took the best Liverpool goalscorers to get to 50 – but it's still different to see it visually. Plus, it's another opportunity to laud Torres. I love those opportunities.

In case you're wondering, it took Gerrard 297 games to score 50 goals. It only took him 151 more to score the next 50 – and that's a telling statistics as to what he's added under Benitez.

The club's third and fourth all-time scorers aren't on this list. Billy Liddell just missed the cut with 174 games. And I didn't consider Gordon Hodgson because he played in the 20s and 30s; Hodgson's tied with Fowler on 94.

Finally, Carragher's on pace to reach his 50th goal in 5193 more games.

Liverpool's friendly against Lyn Oslo is on FSC tomorrow at 1pm eastern. I'll have to catch it on DVR, but I should have some sort of write-up in the evening.

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