11 August 2009


I’m not going to run a fantasy league this year. I always forget about it sometime between October and February. It took me until July to remember to send out the prize for last year.

But, Never Captain Nicky Butt, one of the best sites on the fantasy aspect of the sport, is running an enormous league. Literally, 1000s of people from what I can tell. I’ve joined, and we’ll see how long I keep updating my team. And I thought I should announce it here in case any regular readers are looking for a (or another) fantasy fix.

Like usual, it’s at fantasy.premierleague.com. Set up your team, and click the “join a league” link. The code for the NCNB league is 2274-957.

Preview of Liverpool’s season up tomorrow morning.

Might as well throw a screenshot of my team up. I wouldn't recommend cribbing it given my past luck, and hopefully it'll start some discussion.


Mike said...

Holy hell those Manc kits are awful. Like, mid-90s awful.

Adorable show of faith for Lucas, too.

verbal97 said...

Lucas is a bargain at just 5.0...Is Dempsey going to start though?

nate said...

Haven't decided whether I'm going to start Lucas or Dempsey yet. I've had Dempsey three years running - he's my favorite Yank and often picks up more points than you'd think. And I think you're obliged to select Deuce if you're American.

Lucas was too good to pass up at 5.0, as he'll definitely play most games until Aquilani's fit, even if he doesn't score.

At 6.0, I think Park's the biggest bargain in the game. He'll see time in United's 4-4-2 (I doubt Fergie will have the balls to play both Nani and Valencia at the same time in that formation), and gets into the box.

I really wanted both Torres and Gerrard, but Ste's overvalued at 12.5. I think Arshavin's a world-class player; I wish Liverpool had gone in for him instead of Keane last summer. So that extra 1.5 points meant Stevie was sacrificed.