25 August 2009

It's the Defense, Stupid

It’s probably a bit early for stats like this. But I am annoyed, and reactionary, and have a blog. So here’s a look at last season’s league goals scored and conceded, and the same stats through three games so far this year. I’m using ‘per game’ numbers so there’s some sort of comparison although, admittedly, three games is one hell of a small sample size.

Not much difference between the goals scored. And you don’t need a chart to tell you that Liverpool’s conceded too many goals, having lost twice. Duh. But the discrepancy is a bit alarming.

To hammer home the comparison, Liverpool’s conceded five goals in three games. Last season, it took eight league games, until Wigan on October 18th, for Liverpool to concede five.

Last season (league):
1st half goals: 28 (.74 per game)
2nd half goals 49 (1.29 per game)
1st half conceded: 12 (.32 per game)
2nd half conceded: 15 (.39 per game)

Through three games this season:
1st half goals: 2 (.67 per game)
2nd half goals: 4 (1.33 per game)
1st half conceded: 3 (1.00 per game)
2nd half conceded: 2 (.67 per game)


Fan Futbol said...

Nice work as always, Nate. I commend you for doing something "productive" blog-wise, in the face of Pool's preposterous start.

It's only three matches, but because I'm a child, it seems like the end of the world. It isn't, of course...but losing 3-1 at home to Villa? Holy awful.


McrRed said...

I think all all of the goals conceded have been to set pieces...somebody on TIA oobserved that the knocks to Carra/Skrtel and Torres were implicated in 3 of the goals (carra without headband defending corner - Torres trying to avoid heading on the cut side of his head); an accidentally placed header and a penalty conceded by the captain account for the rest.
You couldn't make it up nor can you mitigate for this kind of thing.
Yes, a strong psychology is important in dealing with anticipated pain and a do-or-die attitude is needed to winning EVERY ball - but also time is needed for those wounds to key defensive players to heal.
So, Bolton is another side that likes to be physical.
Hmmmm, another shocker anyone? ;-(

McrRed said...

BTW I've always liked Benny Onion but like everyone else didn't thiink he lived up to his potential til the second half of last season when he suddenly turned in Kuyt pt2 and became a terrier over on the left hand side fighting for every ball and do-or-dying the chase back whenever he or his teammates lost the ball.
Games can be won by just two players having a great day...the goalie and the striker (goalscorer).
But if the Gods aren't looking down on those two then the midfield biting at the heels of every opposition player goes a long way to putting you in a winning position.
Long may it continue, Benny!

nate said...

Yeah, if we're counting the penalty, all five goals conceded have come from set plays. One of the two against Spurs was an unstoppable shot, and the other was when Bassong got between Carra and Skrtel (both carrying knocks). You summed up who was at fault for the three against Villa.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Kyrgiakos play on Saturday now that his clearance has gone through in an effort to match Bolton blow-for-blow.

McrRed said...

Looking forward to seeing the big guy play (if he can get the hang of Carra's shouting the line!!!)
Reckon he's worth a bet for goalscorer though...

McrRed said...

When defending set plays it's the whole team's responsibility...from open play the defence hasn't conceded as such. Just read this on KopBlog. They (and your fine self!!!) have the best blog presence on the net.

Food for thought...