20 July 2009

Fun with Infographics #2 (and an apology)

So I've been a bad Liverpool blogger lately. I didn't see either of the first two friendlies, and was out of town all weekend as well. But I should get to see Wednesday's friendly against the Thai national team, which is on FSC at 9am.

And since I'm way behind on the weekend's gossip (I'm pretty sure Alonso's still with the club), I've got another infographic to hopefully hold you over. I swear, we'll get back to other type of posts soon, but I do like this graphic, which is about when Liverpool scores goals (and what kind of goals), a lot.

I reckon the graphic makes it pretty clear when Liverpool's most potent. 35 goals in the last 15 minutes. More than double the goals that were scored in any other block of time. The most goals when already ahead, the most go-ahead goals, and the most equalizers.

And it's interesting that Liverpool didn't score any consolation goals in from the 76th to the 90th minute. There were only four "Still Behind"/consolation goals: two came against Spurs in the Carling Cup, and two came in matches where Liverpool was two down and came back (against Man City and Hull City - a win and a draw respectively).

What jumps off the page for me is the late goals. Not just those in the last 15 minutes, which was undoubtedly awesome (18 go-ahead goals and equalizers!), but also at the end of the first half, which was the second highest total. I don't want to call it "proof" of Benitez's fitness methods, but it's damned close. Liverpool's best play seems to come at the end of the season, and the most goals come at the end of the game. Well then.

To save you from counting all 106 circles, the goals break down like this:

Already Ahead: 40
Go-Ahead Goals: 43
Equalizers: 19
Still Behind: 4


Mike Georger said...

Beautiful chart Nate, brilliant.

However; and not to dump on your work, I think your extra time number is off (if I'm reading it right that there was only one goal in ET). I can think of two and possibly three of the top of my head. Gerrard against Boro (go-ahead at 2-1), Yossi against Arsenal (equalizer at 4-4), and maybe Dossena against United (already ahead at 4-1). Though Dossena's goal might have been right on ninety minutes, I am absolutely positive the former two were after ninety minutes.

Mike Georger said...

Okay I checked (owe you that much I reckon) and Dossena's goal was in fact on ninety minutes, but the other two were most definitely in stoppage time. I'm assuming the one that is on there is Gerrard's, as it was one of the more memorable finishes of the season.

McrRed said...

Brilliant.As ever....
It would be interesting to compare side by side with goals conceded...feel up to it? ;-)

I think ET means *extra time* and not *time added on* or *injury time*...?

Mike Georger said...

Oh my GOD I'm retarded, you're totally right.

Guess that goal would be Dirk's against Liege then!

Anonymous said...

Brillant post Nate!

nate said...

Yeah, I probably should have called it "AET" instead of ET. I went back and forth over what to call that, and almost didn't include it because there was only one goal. But I had to be complete.

Nice idea to compare them side-by-side with the ones conceded; that'll probably be the next infographic.

Mike Georger said...

No no no, it's perfectly clear, I'm just an idiot.

Though in my incredibly poor defense ... that goal was ten months ago at this point.

vincent said...

i second McrRed for goals conceded, that means more infographics to come, nate ;)

nate said...

Oh, there'll be more infographics regardless.

I'm almost done with two more which'll probably be in one post because they're more one-dimensional than the previous two posts.

And next on the 'to create' list is the 'goals conceded' corollary to go along with this post.

Mike Georger said...

Of course I overslept and missed today's game. Though no Alonso (even if he has a 'minor injury') is not good at all.

And if I ever meet Mascherano's agent, I'm punching that cock knocker right in the ear.