15 July 2009

Fun with Infographics #1

This is the first of what should be a recurring feature. And I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of it earlier, especially since I’ve become more and more of a stats whore over the past year.

Okay, I’ll back up. Regular readers know I was in grad school over the past year. I got my masters’ in journalism (anyone hiring?), but I really ended up making the program about magazine and graphic design. I focused on magazines, but infographics were another favorite of mine. I like doing research. I am a geek. You should know this by now.

So, I’m going to intermittently torture you with infographics I create about Liverpool stats that pop into my head. Many of the stats will look familiar; chances are I’ve written about them before. But, hopefully the pretty pictures and colors will add another dimension. The first focuses on Torres. As if I’d start with any other.

Ideally, the graphic is self-explanatory. But just in case, the goals scored when Torres was on the field are in red, and the ones actually scored by Nando are in the lighter shade. The whole circle represents the total goals scored that season.

I have a couple other ideas in the can that I’ve started designing, but if anyone has anything they want to see, let me know. Some infographics will be more in-depth. Some might even be more one-dimensional. But hopefully they’ll all be interesting.

Click on the image for full-screen view. Enjoy.


steven. said...

i did the same thing, albeit briefly when we were going through a major goal drought .. nothing beats this though ..


Mike Georger said...

Nicely done Nate. I like the color choices too. Godspeed with that journalism thing, bitch of a market right now. I bailed on my journalism degree my first year of college and went the liberal arts route (seven years and two degrees later I'm three fifths done) but stuck with sports radio as a hobby and it's always fun to do sports related journalism. Until you become cynical and hate everything about sports.

Apropos of nothing, I'm calling it right now: if Voronin stays .... HUGE season for him.

CSD said...

I'd be happier with a venn diagram.