30 July 2009

50% of my posts this month have been about Alonso

Xabi Alonso hands in transfer request

I’d hoped Alonso was classier than this. But a transfer request doesn’t change anything. Pay Liverpool’s valuation or Alonso stays. A transfer request doesn’t make him cheaper.

But yeah, you stay classy, Xabi Alonso. Way to wait until there are 16 days left before the season starts to shiv Benitez in the back.

I would imagine there will be more to say on this in the near future. Sigh.

Update (9:42pm): So I may have jumped the gun. In my defense, I usually take the Echo at gospel, but that's because of Tony Barrett's impeccable record, and he's gone now. And this is what the Times recently posted (Barrett's new gig, but he didn't write this):
The saga had descended into farce earlier in the day when Alonso became embroiled in a game of claim and counterclaim. Sources at Liverpool said that Alonso submitted a transfer request on Wednesday evening in an effort to hasten a move to Real, but the suggestions were dismissed by Alonso's representatives, who insisted that the player had taken no such action.
This is why I've been hesitant to post about transfer gossip in previous summers. I can't imagine what I would have been like if I was writing during the Gerrard to Chelsea fiasco. I haven't been able to restrain myself in regards to this saga - which probably shows how important I think Alonso is. But, obviously, not at the expense of the team as a whole.

Man, I can't wait for the season to start.


john said...

Not exactly a classy move by Alonso, but I'm sure Benitez saw this coming and planned accordingly. I hope.

Shawn said...

I wish Carra would have punched Alonso in the face at some point in southeast Asia. You don't treat the club and manager that brought you this far like garbage. Its gotten to the point that I don't want Alonso in a Liverpool jersey ever again. If Madrid are now too cheap to pay whatever our valuation of the player is, he can have nice year long holiday for all I care.

And if Masch wants to go, he can shove it too. I'm sure Barcelona would be knocking on his door if he would have ended up staying on West Ham's bench. Liverpool builds him to the point where he's now the captain of Argentina and it doesn't mean a blessed thing to the ungrateful bastard.

I'll gladly come in 4th or even 5th next season with a squad of players who actually want to wear the Red. If Lee Cattermole or Aquilani, or David Silva, or anybody else wants to come play at Anfield, then I'll gladly take them over two pricks who don't give a damn about there club. This club has always been about heart and loyalty, two things Alonso and Masch clearly lack.

Mike Georger said...

If we only get 25 for him I'm going to flip my stack. How can we get hardballed by every team over every one of our targets each year but then we capitulate for ten million less than we wanted? Ugh.

epiblast said...

I just don't get it. Where's the loyalty? Where's the pride? Are there no more endearing footballers out there? Alonso is a great player, was a great player for us; but, just like Ronaldo, he'll never have another year like he just had. If Madrid want players that have already peaked, and overpay for them, then by all means taken them.
I continue to hope that this plan of theirs fails 135% and blows up in their pretty faces. You can't have a squad full of over overgrown egomaniacs and expect to win anything, can you?

@Georger: I remember you saying something in the past about if Alonso left you'd be pissed and cease with supporting Benitez as manager. How goes it now?

Mike Georger said...

That was when I thought Benitez would want to sell him to raise money. Now that it's the other way around I don't blame Benitez. I never thought then that it would be Alonso who was chasing the money.

I'll be upset if Benitez and co. let him leave for anything less than their valuation though. But I don't blame Rafa for this.

Fan Futbol said...

Benitez bears some of the blame, no? The shameless pursuit of Barry and letting it be known (for the past two years) that Alonso was for sale at the right price...that drove me crazy. There's just no way that isn't a big part of this.


Mike Georger said...

See I don't agree with that. Benitez was right to try and sell him last summer. Hindsight is 20/20 but we were going to make a six million pound profit off someone who kept having foot problems, that's a tough thing to do. If that's the reason, Alonso is a fucking baby. But I don't think it's the real reason, because he's been complaining about the tax structure in England for a while, he can't pretend this isn't a business decision.

nate said...

"But I don't think it's the real reason, because he's been complaining about the tax structure in England for a while, he can't pretend this isn't a business decision."

This is the direction I'm leaning as well. But, Alonso is a Spaniard (as well as a Basque), so the allure of Madrid might hold a lot more sway than Juve did.

But even though I understand both points (and I'd even understand if Alonso was bitter; I am a petty man who holds grudges, as I've written before), I'm still holding his desire to leave against him.

Thanks for the memories IF you do leave, but when you don't want to be at Liverpool, you shouldn't be there.

I know this is a business - it's why I don't get player names on kits I buy; I learned my lesson with Owen. At the end of the day, I know players, owners, and managers don't really give a shit about what the fans want. But I'm still a fan first and foremost, and it's a hard habit to break.

Mike Georger said...

Balague is reporting the denial as well.

Don't beat yourself up on this one Nate, every reputable outlet was reporting it, you didn't jump the gun. And in the end this may not change anything.

wackozacko said...

Man I love this site.

this is the site I can say whatever I wanna say (leaving the vulgarity of course)

Man, if you can't exempt in your "own house" where can you exempt? hehehe

You didn't jump the gun Kanwar. i am annoyed & frustrated by Alonso as well.

Who the hell do you think you are? u are a nobody when Rafa brought you here. When u play horribly, injured, we LIVERPUDLIANS, the KOP stay behind you. You A**WIPE!

He talked about how Rafa "neglect" him & after Barry. But how bout Rafa himself?? The yanks wnat to "ship him out" and bring in the KAISER Klinsmann. But did he leave? Did he hand over his transfer letter? Did he go to Real & become a Manager? NO! He stayed with us.

When the going gets though, the tough gets going. Or the Yanks say it, "when the tough gets rough", he FIGHT for us. "In RAFA I trust" I will bet all my money if this happened to Roy Evans or Houllier, they will pack their bags and leave us KOP to relegations.

No Anwar, You spot on lad. & I respect you for it.

@ Shawn
I totaly agree with you. I wish I can punch Alonso. Didn't he STUDIED all the "FAILED" & "STUPIDO" players before him? Look at McManaman. He leave us when we really need him (at that time he's the skipper.he 's no STEVIE). What happened to him? Hahaha joke of the century. He FAILED! Then, our own "product" OWEN the Harry Potter "OWL" He leave us!!!! For Real even he knew he's only gonna be the 3rd tier striker. Did he Succeed?? Hahaha he FAILED with FEROCIOUS GRACES. Now he joined MAN U?? The same team he said he will never play?? F**K Alonso. & Masch too.

I rather we didn't win any title for the next 2-3years rather than to have players to STEP our BELOVED LIVERPOOL and act like a boss! I rather cry at night if we TROPHYLESS this year rather than to see players ACT UP & make Rafa look like a PUPPET.

Kanwar, I back you up on this one...

nate said...

A couple of things, Wacko:

1) I am not Jaimie Kanwar. I admire that he gets a lot of hits, but if memory serves, he's the writer who argues that Gerrard should be sold and Mascherano's overrated. Um, no.

2) I can be vulgar. I curse. A lot. I'm much worse in person, but I can't keep it off the blog entirely.

3) I will be disappointed, annoyed, and a little betrayed if Alonso leaves. Hate is far too far though. Again, as much as I'm a fan and love this club, I do realize it's a business and decisions are often business decisions.

4) You are right to mention Macca and Owen though. It's not as if players leaving Liverpool for Real have a good record.

vinnie said...

It suddenly hit me that the reason rafa hasn't been utilizing 4-2-3-1 formation over the summer might be he's preparing for the worst, xabi's departure. And trying different players with gerrard playing deeper? I don't know, I haven't been watching any of the pre season games, I'm just guessing

I was really upset when I read about the news and gave up on alonso. Even though there's another twist to this saga, I'm still not holding my breathe just yet

Marlon said...

You're definitely right with your last line Nate. If the season doesn't start soon we're all going to lose our minds.

McrRed said...

On Alonso:
he's not gone yet but he's been a great servant of the club. If he does go, he goes with my thanks and appreciation....But - he musn't be sold for less than the valuation!!! If putting in a transfer request means he loses his loyalty bonus and we get the same amount of money for him then so be it. As said, that's business.

About the midfield: I was really excited to see Pacheco in that role. Don't want to speak too soon and jinx it but seeing him play in midfield makes me think he can go on to be a truly great player. Fingers crossed.

Not long to go, now, Nate! :-)

Marlon said...

If Phil Neville hadn't handballed the shot on the line where Lucas won the penalty that won the Merseyside Derby in (I think) 07 - 08 would he be a fan favorite instead of the whipping boy?

nate said...

Fan favorite might be pushing it, but he'd get a hell of a lot more leeway, that's for sure. And I like what you're implying here.

This upcoming season is going to be absolutely immense for both Lucas and Babel. If they improve, so will Liverpool. This is probably going to be one of my biggest talking points when I get around to a season preview in a week or two.

Marlon said...

At this point I'd rather see Lucas come good then seeing a new signing flourish in our midfield.