20 August 2008

I get mail

So I know the majority of my readers are American, but I still want to post this email I got from a UK marketing firm. They are raising awareness for youth sporting initiatives in Britain by allowing people to vote for the initiative they want to receive funding.

I’m writing on behalf of Norwich Union who are working to help local sporting initiatives across Britain. We noticed that in the past you’ve written about football in Liverpool in your blog and so thought that you might be interested in helping one lucky initiative win £50,000.

As well as the grand prize of £50,000, each initiative can win at least £1,000: to do this they just need to receive 200 votes from members of the public. We’d be delighted if you’d be able to encourage your readers to go to http://www.joinourteam.com/index/supportinitiative and vote for an initiative that appeals to them.

Initiatives will be using their winnings to further develop and encourage young people to participate in sports, so I’m sure that you’ll agree it’s a really worthy cause.

You can find more information on the fund by following the link below
Admittedly, I haven’t voted, because you have to register and need a UK address to complete the process, but if there are any British readers who want to create an account and pick an organization, I highly encourage doing so. Getting more youth involved in sport, any sport, is obviously an excellent cause.

I should have something on today’s England/Czech Republic friendly, which is on FSC at 3pm, up later.


Abhiram said...

I am from India and i have been following your blog for the past one year. I was a avid fan of LFC but i did not know how to take the extra step. After i found about this blog and many more, i am more in the game. Now, i am able to follow the game better although i am not from UK. So your blog is not only read by people in US but also many places like India :) . Keep it up mate.


nate said...

Thanks for that, Abhiram. I didn't mean to downplay readers from other countries (and there seem to be a fair few of them) - I'm thankful for everyone who comes here - but being American, and writing like it, it seems the majority are from here as well.