12 August 2008

Fantasy Premiership

So after a couple of people asked, I'm restarting the fantasy league from last year. Apologizes for the delay, but I reckon it's better late than never. As usual, I use the Premier League's fantasy tournament. Sign in (or create and account), create a team, and then click on "Leagues" in the left sidebar. All you should need is the code for the league.

League name: oh you beauty
Code to join the league: 843886-165015

I will do my utmost to not flake out on this league by early spring like I did last year.

Preview for tomorrow's Standard Liege match up in a few hours.


Aravind said...

Joined the league.

Last time I got most of the selections right, but I was hesitant to include Ronaldo, which cost me valuable points. This time I'll select players without bias. :P

Ace Cowboy said...