27 February 2008

So... what’s going on?

Once again, there’s a week in between games, and all the talk is back to Gillett, Hicks, and DIC. It looks like DIC is possibly buying out Gillett’s 50%, as word is the partnership’s gone far south. Even the BBC’s gotten involved, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many “it is believed…” or “BBC Sport understands…” in an article. I thought the BBC dealt solely in news.

As when the last round of speculation occurred, I’m of a mind to ignore much of what’s been written until something concrete comes out. Once bitten, twice shy and all.

In the meantime, absolutely everyone should check out That’s on Point. Sometime commentator Ace Cowboy was lucky enough to be at Anfield for the Inter Milan match, and wrote up the results of his trip. As usual with Ace, it’s an outstanding read; I can't recommend it enough.

Normal service will most likely resume tomorrow.


Mike Georger said...

"reports planted in the UK press in recent weeks by parties with their own self-interested agenda"

at least hicks has the sack to come out and call the media out for lying. if they sell they look like massive douchebags, but if they stick it out and dont give the media any more fodder that would be good.

the media hates this club, the last year has solidified that

nate said...

The thing is, after all that's happened, I've trouble believing one word from the mouth of Hicks.

No matter his plans, at least Gillett's been silent.

And they already both look like massive douchebags whether they sell or stay.

But agreed, it's hard to tell how much is the London media giving the usual short shrift to Liverpool, and how much is just "OMG controversy! that will sell papers!" Which is the usual media critique, no matter what country it's from.

nate said...

Minutes after I post that comment, I see this:

"Not only am I not going to sell, my partner cannot sell without my approval,'' Hicks said in Thursday's edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "So, I kind of have the ability to determine the outcome of what is going to happen, and I am right in the middle of that.''

Fox Sports

I can't even comment any further on that, because it'll just be a string of curse words.

Mike Georger said...

hicks could shut the media up about him not being committed if he bought george out. at this point if theres going to be a crappy chef in the kitchen id rather there be one rather than two.
but i am getting tired of people blaming the 'atmosphere' of the club for the poor results. chelsea fucking FIRED THEIR MANAGER and theyre in the title race. there was a public spat about a broken chain of communication and that derailed our entire season? fuck that excuse