06 February 2008

Silence can be golden

It’s been quiet over the last couple of days, which after the last couple of weeks seems something of a blessing. It’s all gone silent on the off-field front, and coupled with Liverpool’s first win of 2008 over the weekend, the media’s without a storyline. Thankfully.

Maybe now the team can focus solely on improving results, although the international break means that only Carra, Pennant, Finnan, Kuyt, Kewell, Itandje and Aurelio are at Melwood.

That Capello’s first match in charge of England is looming has also dominated the news recently, and I’ll probably check back in later with something of a recap of England’s friendly v Switzerland, which is on in the US on FSC at 3pm.

Otherwise, unless something noteworthy occurs, normal service will probably resume with Premiership predictions tomorrow.

Finally, spare a thought for those 23 lives lost 50 years ago today in Munich. On-field rivalries shouldn't matter when it comes to tragedies, and that day was one of the most significant tragedies suffered in football.


Mike Georger said...

well theres no goddamn way we are getting three points this weekend without torres, thankyou VERY FUCKING MUCH meaningless international games

Mike Georger said...

awesome babel looks to have sustained a foot injury as well

looking forward to dirk work rating us to a no goal performance