07 February 2008

Predictions 2/9 – 2/11

No offense, but there are very few who read this blog for my Premiership predictions. They’re a lone holdout from when I used to have a wider scope rather than mainly focusing on Liverpool, which is how it’s been this season. Plus, the reason I’ve kept these predictions going is my desire to break .500 for a complete season. But as I’ve been pressed for time of late, with outside concerns taking over in importance, this is the thing I’ve let slip. The commentary that's gone with the predictions in the past isn't that good anyway.

I hope to have something up about the Premier League’s plan to play games abroad later, as I find it fascinating, but no promises. Again, my apologies. I will assuredly have a preview up for the Liverpool/Chelsea match (Sunday on FSC at 11am) sometime tomorrow.

Aston Villa v Newcastle, 7:45am, Setanta: Villa 2-1
Everton v Reading, 10am, FSC: Everton 2-0
Sunderland v Wigan, 10am, Setanta: 1-1
West Ham v Birmingham, 10am, Setanta Xtra: West Ham 2-1
Bolton v Portsmouth, 10am: 1-1
Derby v Tottenham, 10am: Spurs 3-0
Middlesbrough v Fulham, 10am: Boro 1-0
Manchester Utd v Manchester City, 8:30am Sunday, Setanta: United 3-1
Arsenal v Blackburn, 3pm Monday, Setanta: Arsenal 2-0

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