16 May 2007

Top 10 Liverpool goals of the season

I had contemplated holding off on this until after Athens, but I just can’t go this long between Liverpool posts. I’m getting sick of saying it, especially since we’re still a week out, but May 23rd cannot get here fast enough. Man, it’s probably going to be a long summer.

10) Carragher v Fulham – Okay, so it’s probably not the tenth best goal of the season, but any chance given to acknowledge Carra as a goalscorer will be seized with both hands. Long may it continue.

9) Riise v Spurs – He’s scored some brilliant ones this season, including those against Chelsea in the Community Shield and PSV in Eindhoven, but this is the best. He’s quite a long way out, you know.

8) Crouch v West Ham – The best “team goal” of the season by far, and not a bad finish either. Count the number of pretty passes; if Liverpool could always play like that, they’d be unbeatable.

7) Riise v Barca – His. Right. Foot. That is all.

6) Pennant v Chelsea – Jermaine’s lone goal so far this season, but nothing if not well taken, and not a bad time to score it either. Special thanks to Pennant’s good friend Ashley Cole for standing five yards off him and practically shouting shoot.

5) Agger v West Ham – What a shot, especially coming from a center back. Not that goals will come to define Agger (thanks for popping up against Chelsea, by the way), but if he keeps chipping in with these, I doubt we'll hear many complaints.

4) Crouch v Gala

Crouch v Bolton –
Much like the last run-down of best goals, where I grouped Alonso’s two efforts from midfield because of their similarities, these two goals will be forever linked. They’re absolute carbon copies of one another. I have to give the edge to the goal against Bolton because of the work by Pennant and Kuyt to create the cross though.

3) Alonso v Newcastle – I am a sucker for these goals. It also delights me that I can use the plural form when talking about Alonso scoring from his own half. This one might be better than the one at Luton; he makes a pretty tackle, looks upfield, spots the keeper off his line, and buries it in the net. And I’m still of the belief he would have scored even if Harper hadn’t fallen.

2) Gerrard v Bolton – I hesitate putting Gerrard strikes as the top two goals of the season, especially given the name of the blog. I’m far too sensitive about giving Gerrard too much credit. But this is another stunner of a volley. The technique is impeccable. On the volley, in the air, side-footed, between two sprawling defenders. Jaw dropping.

1) Gerrard v Arsenal (Carling Cup) – Pity this goal came in a losing effort and the worst scoreline given up at Anfield in ages, because this is one hell of a strike.

Honorable mention:
Riise v PSV
Kuyt v West Ham

Bellamy v Charlton
Garcia v Fulham

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Ace Cowboy said...

Great list, bud. Wuldn't make a single change, and even loved the Carra shout out. First goal in, what, like seven seasons? And if I remember correctly he almost had one the next week or the week after. Missed a sitter.

Gerrard's goal was stunning, a total Gerrard Goal by the Gerrard Definition. Too bad it came down 5-1...oh well, who needs the Carling Cup anyway when you've got Champions League glory to shoot for?