23 May 2007


Ugh. Nowhere near the right state of mind for a match report yet. Hopefully tomorrow, and my apologies.

I will say this though. At the end of the day, Liverpool just did not take advantage when they were dominant, and Milan was determinedly resolute when they had to be. It was an exceedingly balanced match-up, even more so than in 2005, and Milan got the better bounces as well as the all-important first goal, which all bitterness aside, still went in off an arm from a soft free kick. Nonetheless, credit to the winners, it’s just depressing as all get out, especially when it’s a game that’s there for the taking.

Even after everything, it’s still lovely listening to the Liverpool fans even while the players are picking up the runners-up medals. No singing just when you’re winning.

You’ll never walk alone.


Anonymous said...

I had to go curl up in a ball on the bed for a good ten minutes.

I think I'm on my way back, in fact.


Gutted, indeed.

*returns to the fetal position*

Steel said...

Oof. Oof. Oof.

A handball-cum-goal and some really crap calls by the officials do not a satisfying Champions League final make, but I, like you, begrudgingly raise my glass (is this consolation dram number five or six?) to Milan.

Liverpool's performance? Best. Fans. Ever.