30 May 2007

Happy Birthday Stevie

Steven Gerrard turns 27 today, and in celebration (with not much else to say; would the transfer season please swing into gear?), here’s one of the many YouTube compilations of Gerrard’s top 10 goals. The ranking’s a little dubious, but all the big ones are in there.

And for those of us in the States, if you have Fox Sports en Español, you’ll be able to catch new Liverpool signing Lucas play for Gremio against Santos in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores tonight at 8:30pm. It was supposed to be on Fox Soccer Channel as well, but in their infinite wisdom, they decided they’d be better served showing a rerun of the FA Cup season review. Sometimes, we just can’t win.

Happy Birthday Stevie, now get Rafa to sign some new players so we’ve got something to gossip about.

Update: So Lucas didn’t feature due to the injury that kept him out of the last round. Pity, I had hoped he’d make it back for this leg, and from what little I’d read it looked possible. The return leg is June 6th. To steal a line that’s long since gotten old, the lesson as always, I’m an idiot.

Gremio won 2-0 if you’re wondering.


Ace Cowboy said...

Happy birthday, Captain Fantastic. It's sometimes hard to believe I'm actually older than that guy.

Anonymous said...

It seem like only yesterday that he was this gangly teenager who Ged couldn't play twice a week because of his constant groin problems.

But, the operation(s?) helped, and he outgrew those niggling injuries/growing pains to become captain, and will hopefully raise the Premiership trophy.