15 May 2014

Liverpool Goals Scored and Conceded 2013-14 [Infographic]

See also: the 2012-13 and 2011-12 versions.

The graphics pretty much speak for themselves, but a few quick notes anyway:

• Quick and dirty comparison in case you're too lazy to click on the two previous seasons' versions.

The goals scored have risen in each season, by a big margin. And that is the reason Liverpool finished second, with a chance at first, this season. But the goals conceded totals are getting worse. That has has has has has to stop.

• Still, holy wow, that's a lot of goals. Especially set play goals, accounting for the highest proportion of Liverpool's goals since I started this blog. 23.6% of Liverpool's goals came from set plays; if you include penalties, that total rises to 33.6%. Conversely, 21.8% of the opposition's goals came from set plays, rising to 27.3% if you include penalties.

• By my count, eight of Liverpool's 26 set play goals were game-winners (the goal that ended up being the winning goal, even if more goals were scored): 1-0 United (h), 1-0 Fulham (h), 2-0 Norwich (h), 2-0 West Ham (h), 1-0 Hull (h), 1-0 Everton (h), 2-0 Arsenal (h), 2-1 Newcastle (h). Yep, all eight came at Anfield.

• I found it interesting that the 6-yard box/18-yard box/outside the box percentages were almost exactly equal for both goals scored and conceded. I suspect – but don't have the data to back it up – you'd see similar proportions league-wide.

• It's the first time since I've started keeping these statistics (so, since 2008-09 at least) that Liverpool scored more first half goals than second half goals, and it wasn't even close. 40 of the 110 goals came in the first 30 minutes of matches. I doubt I need remind that directly led to 5-0 Tottenham, 4-0 Everton, 5-1 Arsenal, 5-0 Tottenham, among others.

• Next season, let's work on not conceding so much in the second half. Liverpool's most frequent scoring time-slot was between the 16th and 30th minutes. The opposition's was between the 76th and 90th. Too many late goals. Especially the three of 13 late goals which came at Crystal Palace.


Anonymous said...

Next year will be different as teams will park the bus - I cannot see Arsenal, Spurs in particular playing a high line.

Anonymous said...

2-1 Newcastle (h). Stevie G. 2 directs. First one turned DAgger into the human pretzel. Second one Sturridge taps in.

Anticlimactic. No doubt.

nate said...

Dammit, yes. Eight game winners through set plays. Was going off the excel document that didn't have NUFC goals in it when I wrote that quick list.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

What a beauty graph!

Can i repost this graph to chines' Soccer BBS(bbs.hupu.com)?

I will translate and Modify some word to chinese if you permission.

Hope to get your permit.
Thanks & Regards.

nate said...

Feel free to translate the post and link to the graphs, as long as there is a link back to this site, but please don't modify the images.