21 May 2014

Liverpool Assists 2013-14 [Infographic]

An update of this post from February, which was inspired by this from the must-read Bass Tuned to Red.

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The above totals are for all competitions.

• 15 different Liverpool players tallied at least one assist. 10 of them assisted at least one Suarez goal. Every Liverpool player with at least two assists, excluding Suarez of course, assisted at least one Suarez goal. Everyone feeds the kitty. Everyone. Similar goes for Sturridge, with nine different players tallying at least one assist for the striker. Only Johnson created more than one assist but failed to set at least one up for Sturridge.

• Last season, Liverpool's most-frequent assist/scorer combination was Enrique to Suarez, responsible for four goals. Five combinations surpassed that this season: Suarez to Sterling (6), Gerrard to Sturridge (5), Suarez to Sturridge (5), Henderson to Suarez (5), and Sturridge to Suarez (5).

• The player responsible for the largest proportion of a second player's goals was Suarez in setting up six of Sterling's 10 goals: 60%. Gerrard was responsible for four of Skrtel's seven – 57.1% – unsurprisingly from three corners and one free kick. Not counting those who scored just once, obviously. The slackers.

• Just one of Gerrard's 14 goals was assisted. Because just one of Gerrard's 14 goals came from open play: 11 were penalties, two were direct free kicks.

• Aside from Gerrard, the only other multiple goal-scorer with more than half his goals unassisted was Henderson, with no assist provider for three of his five strikes. As for Liverpool's top two, 29% of Suarez's goals were unassisted, 21% of Sturridge's.

• This season, 42 of Liverpool's 110 goals were unassisted, including six own goals, which was 38.2% of all Liverpool goals. Last season, 37.8% of Liverpool's goals (37 of 98) were unassisted. So, yeah, almost exactly the same proportion.


Anonymous said...

Which Skrtel goal was unassisted?

nate said...

His goal at Chelsea from a free kick. Suarez's initial shot was blocked (by Ivanovic, I think), Skrtel got the rebound from like a yard out.