01 February 2014

Liverpool's Assists 2013-14 [Infographic]

Inspired by this Bass Tuned to Red post about Liverpool's assists, I thought I'd create a graphic to highlight the results.

These stats are for all competitions, including the League and FA Cup matches so far this season.

Bass Tuned to Red highlighted the two most-noticeable statistics in his post – that Henderson assists so many of Suarez's goals, and Suarez assists so many of Sterling's – but I was also amazed at the amount of players who've set up at least one of Suarez's goals. Ten different players have assisted at least one of his 17 assisted goals: Henderson (5); Sturridge (3); Gerrard (2); Alberto, Cissokho, Coutinho, Enrique, Johnson, Sterling, Toure (1). Similar goes for Sturridge, with eight different creators for his 12 assisted goals.

Last season, Liverpool's most-frequent assist-scorer combination was Enrique to Suarez, which led to four goals. Henderson to Suarez surpassed that in mid-December.

Here are the hard numbers, again courtesy of Bass Tuned to Red:

I'll revisit this at the end of the season.

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J8W said...

This is an amazing infograph...the quantitative info mation takes a back seat which is nice, and the entire color scheme is really well done.