19 February 2014

Coutinho v Arsenal [Animated Chalkboard]

Consider this an experiment. I wanted to A) see what chalkboards looked like when animated step-by-step and B) remind myself how to make animated GIFs in Photoshop. So, a couple of days back, I asked "Coutinho v Arsenal or Suarez at Tottenham?" on Twitter, without context. Off the top of my head, those seemed to be the most worthwhile to animate: two of Liverpool's best individual performances, against two very good sides, and more complete all-around performances: something more than just 80 different passes (no offense to Liverpool's central midfielders). Coutinho v Arsenal won by a handful of votes.

So here we are. I'm not fully convinced of its usefulness – at least, its usefulness compared to the time it took to create, although any in the future won't be as arduous given that I now know how to create these – but I hope you enjoy.

If you'd prefer, here's the file as a YouTube video. The aspect ratio is a bit nutty, but it's legible at both regular size and in full-screen. If you'd like to pause at certain moments, etc.

Also, for thoroughness' sake, here's a table of all the incidents included, linked rather than embedded because it's massively long.

As with the match infographics, this would have been next to impossible if not for Squawka and StatsZone's chalkboards.


Marque Pierre Sondergaard said...

Planning on doing a match preview for the Swansea game? I desperately need your preview. It is the most important of the previews I go through every match (The Offside, BBC Sport website and The Red Men TV + yours). Been pressing refresh like an idiot for hours and days here on OYB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the animated chalkboard. I interested in seeing the way you use the animation moving forward.

mcrred said...

I really liked the animated chalkboard Nate
I guess the problem is, with every-touch compilations, the lure of video that serves a similar function might make the time spent seem not worth it?