01 June 2011

Results by Goals Scored: Home v Away

Results under Dalglish outlined in black.

Notice any differences?

12W-4D-3L at Anfield, outscoring the opposition 37 to 14. 5W-3D-11L on the road, tallying 22 while conceding 31.

Home: 6W-2D-1L, 20 scored – 6 conceded
      • 2.22 points per game, 2.22 goals per game, 0.67 conceded per game
Away: 4W-1D-4L, 15 scored – 11 conceded
      • 1.44 points per game, 1.67 goals per game, 1.1 conceded per game

Home: 6W-2D-2L, 17 scored – 8 conceded
      • 2.0 points per game, 1.7 goals per game, 0.8 conceded per game
Away: 1W-2D-7L, 7 scored – 20 conceded
      • 0.5 points per game, 0.7 goals per game, 2.0 conceded per game

Yes, yes. Dalglish good, Hodgson bad, away record terrifying regardless. At this point, writing about how Liverpool has been immeasurably worse away from Anfield is pissing out the embers of the horse you set on fire after beating it to death. Nonetheless, the contrast is still somehow beautiful in its symmetry.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who does a fair amount of trying to put data in graphical format, I must admit I am jealous of your skills on this front. Keep em coming!