24 June 2011

Infographic – How Liverpool Scored

55 right-footed (71.4%)
12 headers (15.6%)
8 left-footed (10.4%)
2 own goals (2.6%)

Two thoughts.

First, it helps explain why so many of Liverpool's supposed transfer targets are left-footed. At least two attacking midfielders/forwards/wingers and a starting left-back (along with perennial favorite Charlie Adam) seem to top Comolli's summer shopping list.

Second, it helps explain why Carroll – a gargantuan header with a saccharine bullet left-foot – was worth a king's ransom. Liverpool needs left-footers and Liverpool needs dominant headers. The club got both for the (steep) price of one player.

Last season's headers came from Ngog (3), Kuyt (2), Kyrgiakos (2), Carroll, Gerrard, Jovanovic, Maxi and Skrtel. Six from forwards, three from midfielders, and three from center-backs; seven from set plays and five from open play. Only four headed goals came from open play crosses. The left-footed strikes were scored by Meireles (2), Carroll, Jovanovic, Kuyt, Maxi, Suarez, and Torres. Only two of those players – Carroll and Jovanovic – are predominantly lefties.

As a comparison, the high-water mark that was 2008-09:

60 right-footed (56.6%)
21 left-footed (19.8%)
21 headers (19.8%)
4 own goals (3.8%)

Memories. Painful, wonderful memories...


drew said...

Looks about the most difficult game of Twister ever.

nate said...

Pretty easy if you land on red, actually. Especially if it's last season's game board.

Also, I don't know whether to be insulted by or proud of that comparison. Regardless, I am amused by the validity of it.