25 May 2011

Poll Results: Best Win of the Season

The blogger vote was marginally closer, but as if the poll winner would be anything other than a romp over United. Romps over United better are Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, and Presidents' Day all rolled into one.

You can find the previous four results at Liverpool Offside (Worst Loss), Anfield Asylum (Performance of the Season), Paisley Gates (Goal of the Season), and two posts down on this site (Young Player of the Season).

Gareth of Well Red:
Liverpool 3-1 United (h): Hating Liverpool defines United fans, that's why they skulk this earth. So they win No.19 and what do they do? Sing about us, make banners about us, attend our games and contact us on the internet with all manner of illiterate abuse. How about celebrating what you've achieved, lads? Their Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of a squad may have limped over the line this time, but they don't like losing to us. And this wasn't just a defeat. This was a pants pulled down and arse whipped in front of the world defeat. When Suarez danced through half their team to tee up a tap in for Dirk you can bet their die-hards were screaming like Nani. Wonderful.

James of Unprofessional Foul:
Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (a): I'll always take a United thumping whenever they arrive, but in recent seasons, we've found Fergie's title-winning lot rather easy to solve. That single-goal victory at Stamford Bridge set a tone of self-belief at the club that was nigh-on impossible to ignore and, considering that we got to duel head-to-head with our former idol so soon after his cold, calculated heel turn, I learned that it was possible to experience unbridled joy and life-affirming schadenfreude in a single 90-minute sitting. Heck, I'd take those kind of salt-the-earth performances over yet more sparring with United any day of the week.

steven. of Paisley Gates:
Liverpool 3-1 United (h): Call me when spanking United isn’t top of the Best Win List. Seriously, call me. It’s one of the signs of the apocalypse and I want to stock up on Cheesy Poofs before the sky implodes.

nate of Oh You Beauty:
Liverpool 3-1 United (h): You only won the league because every other team was somehow worse than your squad of aging mouth-breathers and staff of bent referees, and Liverpool gave you a five-month head start by hiring a lost London pensioner as manager. This match was just a fleeting glimpse of your future. Enjoy 19 while you can.

Ed of Liverpool Offside:
Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (a): Rarely does the involvement of one player completely alter the atmosphere surrounding a match, but Liverpool's trip to Stamford Bridge in early February was almost all about Fernando Torres. The craziness of January reached its apex when Torres was eventually sold to Chelsea, giving way to one of the most tense build-ups to a match that I can remember--the mere thought of Torres scoring a goal against Liverpool less than a week after leaving was horrifying. From a Liverpool standpoint, though, the fears were never realized, as Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke had Liverpool as well prepared for a match as they were all season. Jamie Carragher rolled back the years, Daniel Agger delivered the elbow that spawned a thousand Twitter profile pictures, Lucas completely bossed the midfield, and Raul Meireles added to his hot streak with the winner. As explosive a match as Liverpool were involved in all season, and a win that, despite the narrow margin on the scoresheet, was as comprehensive as they come.

Amy of A Football Report:
Liverpool 5-0 Birmingham (h): Granted, I'm mainly plumping for this game over some other sparkling displays because I was sitting somewhere in the Main Stand that day, close enough to the pitch to see grass fly as John Flanagan made a scintillating run up the wing, close enough to see the veins in Carra's neck expand—you get the picture. The win over United was stunning—and obviously, brings with it some minor bragging rights and lovely pictures of Fergie looking as if someone's poured his last bottle of Bordeaux down the kitchen sink. Against United, we were at our epic, motivated best. But it's teams like Birmingham that we have traditionally faltered against. Usually, we'd be lucky to score two goals—let alone five. In a sense, Birmingham rolled over and played dead at Anfield - but teams have done that before and yet escaped with more flattering results.

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