31 July 2010

On Fabio Aurelio - for, thankfully, not the last time

Yawn, yet another free transfer...

Seeing Fabio Aurelio re-sign with Liverpool is wonderful, welcome news. And not only because it makes the goodbye post I wrote in May moot – although the video still makes for fantastic viewing.

He's not the end-all, be-all if Insua eventually departs (despite apparent confirmation earlier in the week, it seems the deal still isn't done). More depth at the position remains necessary. It's announced as a two-year deal, instead of the pay-for-play contract offered before Benitez left, which inevitably worries given Fabio's injury record. The new head of the medical staff, Peter Brunker, has his work cut out for him. Regardless, it's a fantastic bit of business, with a lot of credit going to Hodgson if the official site's to be believed. After all, he is an established left back, which Liverpool's clearly lacking.

On his day and when fit, Aurelio is, hands down, one of the best left backs in the league. His crossing and free kicks are superlative, his defending and positioning almost always spot on. Experienced, clever, and classy. I simply love watching the man play football. And, once again, he's ours.

Yes, I worry about his injury record. Yes, he's soon to be 31, and a two-year contract is a gamble if money's not based on appearances. But I couldn't be happier to see him back in a red shirt, which will hopefully happen tomorrow as he's traveled to Germany for the friendly against Borussia Monchengladbach. If it comes down to gambling on Aurelio or the likes of Luke Young or Konchesky, to name two who've been heavily rumored, I'll take Aurelio every single day of the week.

And yes, to close, I'll take this opportunity to re-link the video made for his goodbye post. Every single one of those four goals is worth watching over and over and over. Here's hoping we see many more.


Mark said...

I have to tell you, no matter how piss poor last season was, as we get closer and closer, I can't help but think, this is our year.

Let's see how long I/we can hold on to this feeling.

Matty said...

Excellent news! This definitely just made my day!! I was gutted when he left. It's a smart move considering he doesn't exactly need much time to re-gel with the squad, has class in spades, and has PL experience. I think all we need now is a good young left back, who isn't completely green...preferably under 25. Anyways, considering our situation, we've got to take the good news when it comes our way and I'll gladly take this.

Marc said...

I'm kind of with other-Mark here. Last season was a pressure-filled nosedive, but nobody will be picking Liverpool in the top 4 this season. That will make it a lot easier for the fellas to just go out and play football.

Honestly, other than Chelsea, I feel I could make an argument that our top 15 or so players rank with anyone's. And Redknapp already seems to be cracking under the pressure at Tottenham with his latest freakout over their burdensome friendly scheduling.

We need to stay healthy, but with 7 very good teams in the EPL, doesn't everybody?

Welcome back, Fabio. Things are really starting to line up for old Liz Lemon...