13 May 2009

Steven Gerrard – FWA Player of the Year

Well in, Stevie.

As I’ll expound upon in a few weeks (when the season is actually over), and as I wrote a nearly two months ago, Alonso is my player of the year for Liverpool. But Gerrard’s been utterly fantastic as well, consistent throughout the season, and it’s nice to see him reap the personal rewards.

That’s now the Football Writers’ Player of the Year and the Fans Player of the Year for the captain, in a season where he’s scored 15 in the league (23 in all competitions) and set up 8 goals. It’s a spectacular return for a midfielder, even if he’s played as a support striker/attacking midfielder more often than not.

The only personal accolade missing is the Footballers’ Player of the Year. Of course, they voted for a player who’s made all of 12 league starts this year, so I’m going to need someone explain to me the qualifications for that award. How the hell did Giggs’ come in second for this award too? Sympathy votes are wasted votes.

West Brom on Sunday, but we’re all Wigan fans today.


epiblast said...

I'm not sure how much faith I have in Wigan today. They got tonked by Albion last week 3-1.

Paul Heron said...

I'm with you on Alonso being our player of the year.

In this particular case, I was just relieved Giggs didn't win again.

Mike Georger said...

I could kick Giggs' ass ... in a chest hair competition of course.

Really hoping the fact that Xabi is the focus of the new kit ad campaign is a good sign.