29 May 2009

Goals of the Season 08-09

Same format as last year – my 10 favorite Liverpool strikes in one compilation. Well, actually 11. It’s been a good year for great goals. I experimented with adding titles; it doesn’t make for the smoothest transitions, but in my defense, I’m teaching myself iMovie by trial and error.

Youtube hates me this season, so we’re on sapo.pt instead.

10) Gerrard 1-1 Everton (FA Cup):
This shouldn't make the list, because Howard should’ve made the save, but that's just bloody awesome by Torres. Words fail me.
9) Agger 1-0 Crewe:
The first of two for the Dane. Welcome back, Danny Agger.
8) Gerrard 3-0 Real:
This one’s very similar to a goal against Bolton that was my second favorite from 2006/07. And this goal only made 8th this year. Says enough really.
7) Gerrard 2-1 Boro:
Yawn. Just another last second Stevie G winner from the edge of the box. Routine by now really.
6) Kuyt 3-2 Wigan:
Not only a late comeback winner, but also a scissored volley. Only Kuyt could make it look ugly and ungainly, but there lies the beauty.
5) Riera 2-1 PSV and Agger 3-0 Blackburn:
Different players, same goal. Both lefty too.
4) Keane 1-1 Arse:
I debated over whether or not to include Keane, because of the brevity of his stay and because I’m a petty bastard who holds grudges. But this goal was awesome.
3) Aurelio 3-1 United:
Sweet, sweet victory. Mmmmm. And it’s not a bad free kick either.
2) Gerrard 1-1 Marseille:
The commentator is absolutely right: only Gerrard could score this goal and mean it. He has no right to get that power and accuracy when the pass is behind him.
1) Torres 1-0 Blackburn:
See, I can pick a goal of the season that's not scored by Gerrard. More than shades of van Basten – the Dutchman's got a case for plagiarism. Torres’ might even be better because of the takedown. Absolute brilliance. He really can score every type of goal.

For kicks, I made a second video, with four honorable mentions I couldn’t leave out.

Honorable Mention:
• The Nemanja Vidic Defender of the Year Award: Torres 1-1 United
• The Textbook Definition of Counter-Attack Football Award: Keane 3-0 Bolton
• The 86-Game Home Unbeaten Streak Award: Alonso 1-0 Chelsea
• The 4-1 Never Gets Old Award: Dossena 4-1 United


Paul Heron said...

Why does Youtube hate you this season ?

Also neither video is playing for me ! I've tried them in firefox and internet explorer :-(

Youtube etc is working for me...

Ace Cowboy said...

Thanks, Nate...great video!

nate said...

Hey Paul,

They take a longer to load - I've been hitting play, then hitting pause and letting it load for about a minute.

Youtube was much quicker, but they're in complete cahoots with the Premier League. They were blocking my videos as soon as I uploaded them. That's never happened before - I don't tag them, and I don't use obvious names. So, I went to the place I knew would work.

Hopefully it's working for you now.

mikey said...

liverpool fc football bloopers from lfc.tv:


maybe could be edited into the original post?

Mike said...
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mikey said...

also torres' first 50 goals..


yowie11 said...

riera's volley when reina pumped it long to him was a nice goal too i reckon this season. great vids!

iskoppa said...

Sorted Nate, made my week watching those goals again!!!!!!!!
Can hardly wait till the new season kicks off, have a good summer mate! ;)

irfaanfr said...

great vids!

Abhiram said...

Very good video.

Just a small glitch tough. You are finishing all avenues that have a scope for discussion. :) If we exhaust all the topics that we can can discuss in just a week after the end of the season, what will we do for the next 10 weeks?

Just hope you don't switch off in this lull. Request you give us at least one blog a week in these 10 odd weeks. YNWA :)

Paul Heron said...

@Nate - its cool, works fine on my laptop :-)

nate said...

Yeah I probably should have spread it out more, but I get antsy sitting on things I wrote, plus people have short attention spans (at least I do). So I usually get all my season review stuff out a week or so after the campaign ends.

I still have a few other things in reserve, and there'll undoubtedly be news to write about as it happens, but, as usual, there'll be less posts during the summer.

I will do my utmost not to go a week without posting; that has rarely happened in the past.

vinnie said...

summer transfer gossips, anyone? ;) even though i hate gossips