11 December 2008

Dream CL ties

In order to tempt fate as much as humanly possible (and for want of content), here’s how I’m hoping the Champions League draw plays out next Friday.

Liverpool v Real Madrid
United v Inter
Barca v Chelsea
Arse v Bayern
Juve v Lyon
Panathinaikos v Atletico
Roma v Sporting
Porto v Villarreal

It’s been nearly 30 years since Liverpool faced Real in European competition (god that makes me feel old), I’d love to see the British press go insane if Mourinho’s Inter was drawn with an English team (plus, it'd be nice to root for Mourinho for a change), and I think those Chelsea and Arsenal matches would be aesthetically pleasing – Barca’s in superb form, and Bayern would give Arsenal an excellent match. In addition, and with no slight to Panathinaikos, I’d love to see Atletico progress to the next round.

But of course, to fulfill the more "interesting" media narrative, Liverpool will probably be the team drawn with Inter. Maybe by tempting fate even more in writing that it'll be less likely to happen.

I reckon with the laws of probability, there’s a good chance I’ll get to see at least two of those matches. We’ll find out in eight days.


iskoppa said...

And counting!

Mike Georger said...

If that happens only one English side is making it out of the first round, and I think it is us.
Bayern and Barca are the two best teams in the tournament in my opinion.